Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Taking Care of You in the NICU - the book

When I started this blog it was always my intention to write a book. There are a few good books out now, more than there were when I was going through it as a parent, but often these books are about the baby's journey. Joseph's journey was unique to him however in terms of a 27 weeker, quite ordinary. And the period after his birth up until now has been remarkable and exciting and wonderful to me, but in many ways most unremarkable.

The book I would have liked is "How to survive your baby's hospital stay whilst retaining what is left of your sanity" or "How to feed yourself, express breast milk, retain your marriage, keep up your bill repayments AND enjoy your baby". So basically self care and mindfulness.

I am a practical person, and when going through NICU I found the practicalities quite hard, and I do think had I had more insight I would have been less likely to have as severe PTSD as I did. I am keen to give other parents a framework to help them take care of themselves and each other, and to thrive as parents.

My book won't be for every parent who goes through neonatal, and that's ok! I am grateful that many parents don't need such a book, they get on with it, they thrive, their babies thrive and the neonatal journey is a small part of their lives.

But for some parents those neonatal days stay with them, they mark them, and they threaten to define their parenting. Is it possible to intervene with a book to help minimise those scars that neonatal days leave? I have no idea. Perhaps it would be of no help at all. But I feel that I want to try, by sharing tips, giving the advice I wish I'd had, and tips from others too.

Would you have read such a book?

What would you have liked it to contain?

What piece of advice would you like to share for parents entering the NICU?

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