Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Thinking Slimmer - Stage 2 the next 4 weeks

So ends part one of Thinking Slimmer where I was introduced to my first Slimpod. On my first listen I thought "this is it? This is the miracle that will assist me reach my goals? Okaaaay" I was prepared to believe in it, after the miracle cure for my nightmares and flashbacks late last year with NLP, however I must admit to feeling a little disappointed that it was so simple.

Each listen I took something new out of it, and started changing. I had already made huge changes but hadn't seen the results I had hoped, and the reason was this I think. I didn't trust myself. One of the things slimpod says is "you can trust yourself" and I believe it now. I can make sound eating decisions, I can exercise and I can do this, and in fact I AM doing this. I can also be happy about my size and the changes and not feel frightened. Previously as I have shed weight I have felt vulnerable, now I feel stronger. I look stronger. And I will look how I dream, slim and strong.

I write this from my Chromebook balanced on my size 20 jeans. My size 24 jeans in the bin, not fit for donation. I  bought a size 18 t-shirt on holiday which now fits. I am progressing.

I love food for the first time in my life. I am enjoying food as my friend, not the enemy. I am loving all the colours, and textures and flavours. Fruit and some vegetables taste incredibly sweet. I am enjoying my low sugar life. The biggest surprise to me is I am eating low carb. It wasn't a conscious decision, as I believe carbs are essential but its just coming naturally to me at present. I think once I start more strenuous exercise carbs will come back more into my diet but right now what I eat feels right.

I can trust myself to make good decisions. It's amazing.

So I set goals at the beginning of my slimpod journey and I want to set some new ones.

For the next 4 weeks I will:

1. Listen to my slimpod and chillpod every day in the evening, plus listen to chill pod when I feel like stress eating.

2. I will not eat chocolate for 4 weeks. I've still been having 4 squares of dark chocolate each evening, but I don't need it any more. If I want chocolate I will have it, but I would like to see over the next 4 weeks if I can do without.

3. I will join the gym and attend 3 times a week at least, on top of my existing activity not as a substitute.

4. I will stay focused on my goal to be a size 16 by my holiday to Spain in January.

I am really looking forward to rejoining the gym, I actually love exercise and I am going to get myself a really nice set of gym kit and sparkle! I am not a great cardio lover but this needs to be my emphasis, as I am so muscular under all this excess stored energy, that if I do too much in terms of muscle building I will gain too much bulk, so all things in moderation, some weights but plenty of cardio, and loads of swimming. I am going to get myself a bikini to wear to the gym. Why not? A swimsuit shows nearly as much, and quite frankly if anyone is repulsed by my tummy they can a) look the other way and b) get over themselves

Last time gym was my punishment for being a fat person, now it's going to be my friend to help my slimmer me emerge, and my "me time" where I can just be me, listen to my music, exercise my heart out and have fun!

I am ready for the next 4 weeks. Bring it!

I can and I will.


  1. yay i love your positive attitude brilliant! I have stopped weighing myself which makes me feel better but i need to get back into sports i haven't done anything for the last 4 weeks and it gets me down! good luck for the rest of the journey x

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