Friday, 12 June 2015

12 weeks changed my life

* I was selected to be on a Thinking Simmer focus group.
* I started listening to a bloke called Trevor once or twice a day telling me I could lose weight
* I started to believe him
* I met some amazing people through our Facebook group and got to know some people a lot better.
* I began to stop resenting having to lose weight and realise that lots of us are overweight and want to be slimmer.
* I started to really enjoy packing my own lunch, finding interesting things for breakfast, eating more widely, and experimenting with flavours and textures.
* I made more opportunities for exercise.
* I took a holiday in Germany for a week and came back 2 kilos lighter. I kept listening, I walked a lot, and I let myself eat instinctively without dieting. And it worked.
* I learnt I could trust myself.
* I bought a fit bit. I really didn't want to and argued with Sandra about it initially.
* I fell in love with my fit bit. Not so much the steps but the really motivating thing for me is seeing how many floors I have climbed. My top is over 80 in a day, and I always get over 15. No wonder my thighs and bottom are so strong!
* I bought a NutriBullet. Another thing I have resisted, but its such an easy breakfast thing, as porridge gets boring after the 200th time, and I get to squish in some great sources of protein and micronutrients as well.
* I bought my first ever 50's style dress and got millions of comments on line and on the street. I felt like a 50's movie star.
* I got my hair cut short and discovered my face is a lot slimmer than it was.
* I found my clothes getting loose.
* I bought new clothes in smaller sizes.
* I started smiling a lot!
* I broke out my make up collection for days when I want to accentuate my new smile and confidence.
* I went to see my GP 6 months after he told me I wouldn't be able to lose weight without bariatric surgery. I think his smile was almost bigger than mine when he saw me and weighed me.
* For the first time in my life I can see that weight loss is a process and a long one and that's ok. It takes what it takes and my mind and body know what they are doing.
* I will look how I dream to look. It's ok to want to be slimmer, and I do want this now.
* It's all about goal setting and recording success, not deprivation and punishment.

I have lost 10 kilos in 12 weeks (yikes)
I have lost 2 dress sizes
I have reached my 10 000 steps every day
I have climbed 500 flights of stairs (equivalent) in the two weeks I have had my fit bit
My blood pressure is stable and happy

I probably have another 2 years or so before I am at a normal weight for my height. I have decided to continue to do "focus 12" and set myself mini 12 week goals.

I will keep you all up to date!

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