Monday, 29 June 2015

Club Kylie with Thinking Slimmer

Whenever I tried to lose weight my only goal was to lose weight. I didn't do specific goal setting. The 12 week focus group made me realise three things.

There is power in setting specific goals

Writing down when you have stuck to them and what results you have seen is amazing.

Sharing that with others, the successes and the challenges makes it so much easier and more rewarding.

So here is Club Kylie.

You will set some specific goals for the next twelve weeks and you will write them down. You can do this on the Slimpod Club post on the private Facebook group. You will break these up into weekly goals.

You will write down your positives every day, sharing them when you want to. If you have your own blog you can share them there.

You will choose a theme song for your 12 weeks, this is mine!

And you will share a piece of clothing you would like to wear at the end of the 12 weeks!

So how does that sound?

Welcome to Club Kylie

I will do my Club Kylie post tonight see you there!

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