Saturday, 20 June 2015

Slimpod 12 week challenge Phase 2 Week 1

The week that was with Slimpod!

Let's start with the scales. So I went to my beloved Boots for weigh in yesterday. I jumped on the scales looked down and thought "really? no can't be right"

Weight: 17 stone 0 pounds 108 kg (I'm gonna ignore the 0.3 lol) I take two off for my GPs official weight as their scales are 2 kilos different. But 108 kilos. 12 kilos down from Christmas. That's an average of 2 kilos a month or 4 pounds. I am more than happy with that!

Exercise: I am so happy with my step count this week I will set it out here, so I can reflect on it and see where I can increase it a little this week.

Saturday        13 557
Sunday          25 746
Monday        20 618
Tuesday        14 223
Wednesday   15 678
Thursday       10 232
Friday           30 874

Friday included equivalent of 124 flights of stairs as I walked up Holcombe Hill.

I'm in a good routine with walking in the week. I do 5000 steps before work 2000-4000 at lunch time and usually a walk after work. As well weight loss I have noticed my stress management vastly improving and my general well being is much better. I have always had days where I walked a lot but now every day is a good day for walking.

Exercise goals: I have signed up for two races. The 5k Cancer Research UK in July and the 5k Elelectric Run in September. I really want to do Tough Mudder, but I have decided that's a goal for next year. The other thing I want to do is increase my swimming, but I am going to hold off until the weather gets revolting and replace my morning walks with a swim. I think that's sensible. I have also decided to ask Father Christmas for a bike so I can start bike riding next year. We can see where this is headed, wait for the blog post on that one!

Food: My nutribullet is now firmly part of my routine. I have a smoothie ever morning. Generally they consist of 30-40% veggies 30-40% fruit, some seeds and nuts and topped with non dairy milk. These keep me satisfied til lunch time and help fuel my exercise. I am not snacking mid morning at all. I am drinking water and herb or green teas during the day. Lunch is either a salad from home or crudities and a homemade dip, or I get a salad and soup from our friendly bicycle delivery lady at work who has recently started. I love her salads as they don't have dressing and they're really fresh. My dinners vary, but my portion sizes have vastly decreased. I no longer need something sweet after meals, and occasionally have chocolate in the evening especially if I notice I have exercised a lot and not eaten a great deal.

My diet is quite low carb. This isn't a conscious thing, I don't fancy bread at all at the moment, or pasta very often. I do have some grains but not loads, it's just a matter of listening to my body. I did have bread yesterday on my 20k walk day as my body asked for it. It's clearly working so I am just letting my body ask for what it wants. This is really new for me and exciting.

Food challenges this week: There was only one, a bring a plate lunch at the London office. I just totally relaxed about it, and found there was oodles of healthy choices. I had a small plate of salad and that was enough. However sweets were a challenge. My office is legendary for cakes and treats. I have decided in terms of sweets I am only eating homemade not commercial and only if something looks really appealing. There was a container of gulab jamun made by one of my colleague's Indian aunties. I couldn't say no, so I had it, enjoyed it, felt a huge sugar rush that scared me, and that was enough. It's really nice to be about to have a treat as a treat and not feel compelled to eat more just because it's there.

On Thursday one of my friends brought some Twirl sharing chocolate to work, and I said no. I felt really rude, but I'm not eating dairy at all really apart from the odd bit of cheese and I knew it wouldn't make me feel good, so I just said no. I am really proud as it's the first time that situation has happened and I dealt with it easily. One bit of Twirl isn't going to make a difference to anything, however it's the pattern of behaviour I need to change, and I have. And I'm really proud.

Non scale victories: I've got a huge pile of clothes that need to go to the charity shop. I tried on a dress for my upcoming holiday and it's a tent, so i am going to attempt a refashion into a skirt and top. I feel amazing about the changes. When I walked into the office in a loose size 18 dress everyone stopped and looked. I look different and I am proud of that.

I was nervous about losing my team of slimpodders, but I know I can do this and I have all of you supporting me for which I am so grateful. Charting my weightloss on Instagram has been amazing. I have so much support and love out there I know I will do this!

So a huge thank you to all of you.

Weight loss journey supported by Thinking Slimmer

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