Sunday, 28 June 2015

Slimpod 12 week challenge Phase 2 Week 2

So I have come to the end of my second week of my own Slimpod 12 week challenge. Meh.

We all have meh weeks from time to time and this was mine. Meh.

Weight 17 stone 0 pounds. No change. Meh.
But really I shouldn't feel meh as I had lost 5 pounds the week before which is unheard of and I haven't put any on, so that was a real loss, not water weight etc. So I will just steal 2 pounds from there and average it out! So weight is the same, however my body fat percentage did drop so it's all good.

Exercise Meh. I feel like I haven't done a great job this week. So let's have a look at the step count
Saturday      19 251
Sunday        15 951
Monday       14 591
Tuesday       11 763
Wednesday  13 189
Thursday        8 807
Friday          12 495

I am falling into perfectionism and setting my self unattainable standards. I have been well over 10 000 steps every day bar one, and that was still a very good day. So well done me.

Al in all it's been a great week. Sunday was father's day and we had a pub lunch, I made good choices but ate loads. I also had a meal out with a friend and had chocolate cake.

I am being way too tough on myself. I am continuing to listen to my slimpod I think I might need to listen to chillpod a few times this week in order to remember to be kind to myself and give myself a bit of a break.

This Monday I am starting Club Kylie in conjunction with Thinking Slimmer and invite all of you to participate! Join me tomorrow to find out more!

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