Saturday, 13 June 2015

The next 12 weeks

So my 12 week programme with Thinking Slimmer has come to an end, but of course my journey continues. I seem to have acquired two sets of weights. My GP's scales weigh me 3 kilos lighter than Boots scales, bless them. So if I seem to fluctuate by 3 kilos that's why!

So let's go by Boots weights as they are on a print out.

Today I weigh 110 kilos (woo!)

12 weeks from now: Sunday 6th September (ok it should be the Saturday, but as the 6th is my wedding anniversary lets go with that!

My 12 weeks goals

* To fit into my size 16 dress by my wedding anniversary
* To walk 10 000 steps every week day
* To reach 30 000 most weekends
* To reach 50 000 on one weekend
* To try 3 new foods
* To listen to my simpod and fitpod every day

I feel very positive that I can achieve these goals, although the new foods is quite challenging, but I am sure there are things at the health food store or grocer that I have never tried, or have had once and disliked and not had again. Maybe.

I'm really happy now my weight loss seems to have levelled at 1-2 pounds a week, that's just right for me I think and the exciting thing is that my body fat is going down quickly.

22nd May    51% body fat
1st June       48.5% body fat
12th June     47.4% body fat

Proof that I am using my stored energy to fuel my exercise!

I'm really enjoying the process now, which makes it much easier, and to know that I can eat in "normal" situations, without it derailing me, is very empowering.

I don't back to the GP now for 2 months, he's given me a break from going in monthly, so hopefully I can make good inroads into my goals by then!


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