Monday, 22 June 2015

The Two Year Triathlon Plan

Yesterday I wrote about how I would love to do a triathlon, partly for my dad, but also for Joseph. He is enjoying getting more active with me, and he definitely does plenty of exercise to balance out his screen time, and I know he will love training with me as he gets older. Perhaps we can even do triathlons together if we get the taste for it.

So here is the plan.

Fat Loss - The biggest barrier to my triathlon success is the amount of stored energy I carry around. So part of my triathlon plan is to just keep doing what I'm doing, maintain good nutrition and exercise regularly and get that down. As my stored energy diminishes further opportunities will become available to me. This is what slimpod does! Makes you feel much more positive about your journey, and reframes it into positive steps.

Running - I don't run currently. I am concentrating for the next 6 months on walking distance. I want to get really comfortable with 5k and slowly increase my time. I do a lot of climbing hills to build my cardiovascular strength rather than speed. I will start adding running in but at the moment it's dangerous. I carry a lot of weight and whilst I still have decent joint health I think running will seriously test them. By the end of the year I will start to add more running intervals. Minimising injury risk is important as I have two years to train to do this thing, but I don't want lay offs for injury if I can help it.

Swimming - We have our holiday coming up in 4 weeks so I am going to make sure I do some serious swimming then and on return I will start swimming a few times a week, building up to every day in winter when walking will be less appealing. I will start with pool swimming then next May will start outdoor swimming when the season starts so I will have a few months of outdoor swimming training and practice under my belt. I would love to try outdoor swimming now but I very much doubt I will get a wetsuit to fit and will feel better if I have less stored energy on my body when I am in a wetsuit.

Cycling - Currently my weakest point  biggest area for development and success, I don't ride at all at the moment. My husband has already talked about buying me a bike and getting Ursula (our car) fitted with a bike rack. We have oodles of off road cycle paths near our house, so I know I have everything I need to start cycling and build proficiency before July 2017.

I plan to join a triathlon club to get some support and advice and maybe meet some other people who are total novices, after all we all have to start somewhere, even if we are the wrong side of 40 and slightly out of shape!

I will at some point invest in some personal training as well, but at the moment I am happy just to chip away at the stored energy, look at investing in my bike and enjoy swimming.


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