Sunday, 21 June 2015

Tri for Dad

This was the last moment I saw my father. My mum and Joseph had already gone to the car ready to drive us to the airport. Dad was so excited to be having a selfie. I kissed him goodbye, knowing this would be the last time I saw him. We had already discussed that I wouldn't return for his funeral. 

When dad died in January it wasn't a shock or surprise. But it was and is devastating. My dad was always there for me. It was him that gave me a lot of my strength, certainly my humour and I think my love for children comes from him too.

Just the day after he died I had my regular doctor's appointment and that appointment I told the doctor I wanted to work on my weight. You see dad had type 2 diabetes, mum does too, and neither of them are or have ever been morbidly obese. Dad died at 89 after having a reasonably healthy life although with some serious co morbidities.

The doctor wanted to refer me for bariatric surgery and my brain and heart screamed no. I know for some it's the right thing, but I was seriously worried if I didn't work on my reasons for being fat I would cheat the surgery. I used to be a very bad comfort eater. My meals have always been healthy, I've always been fairly active, but medicating my feelings with sugar got me into this mess, and even with surgery I could still have resorted to that.

I begged my GP to give me six months. Kate from Striking Mums saw my struggles on social media and recommended I apply for the Thinking Slimmer 12 week focus group. Finally after a few listens, my comfort eating was in check and my confidence in my ability slowly started rising,

Which brings us to the point of this post. Here I am around 12, with mum, dad and Kang, one of our dear Malaysian host students. Kiat and Kang were like brothers to me. I am delighted to still be in touch with Kiat through the magic of Facebook.

My dad taught a very frightened young girl to swim. In fact over the road in mum's best friend's backyard, and then pools and the beach. I am a confident, strong swimmer. Slow but good at distance. I love to swim anywhere and everywhere.

He taught me to ride a bike. This took ages. My balance and coordination aren't great. Nobody knows why, it was suspected I had some form of cerebral palsy when I was little I think nowadays I would be diagnosed with dyspraxia but no matter. I manage very well and eventually learnt to ride a bike. However I never got truly confident.

My plan is to do a traithlon. Not now in 2017. I want to be a healthy weight, I want to be strong, and I want to finish in the middle, not last. So that means some serious long term training. 

I would welcome any advice, especially on cycling, as I currently don't cycle and know that I need to start soon in order to build my confidence and ability in this area. 

So dad, your daughter will compete in her first triathlon in July 2017, hopefully either Llandudno or Chatsworth House.

How's that for a goal?

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