Friday, 3 July 2015

A Letter from Zara

I met Zara and her mummy Ije on my travels, and found out that Ije has started a petition on an issue close to my heart. Please read and support if you can.

Hello my name is Zara

I was born very early on the 5th January 2015, 3 months early. I should have been born on the 6th April.

My mummy had to start her maternity leave straight away, as soon as I was born. 3 months working is a long time, she would have had more chance to save and prepare financially, but straight away she had to leave work and start her new job.

Having me in the neonatal unit was like a job. My mummy was my most important nurse and caregiver. She had to make my milk, make lots of decisions, say lots of prayers, and take care of the wider family who came over from Nigeria to help.

Those months in hospital were really hard, no one really knew whether I would be ok, but mummy, daddy, me and the Lord had an idea all would be well but it didn’t stop it from being very stressful.

So now I am home and I am a well and happy baby. When I go to Neomates at the hospital everyone says how beautiful and lovely I am. But I am still very young. I should have been born on the 6th April and its only July now, and mummy has to go back to work.

I still have oxygen at night, I still need my mummy lots and lots to feed me and take care of me and teach me things. I am not ready for mummy to go back to work.

And my mummy isn’t ready either. My lovely, kind, strong mummy wishes with all her heart she didn’t have to finish her maternity leave now, but when it should have ended, 9 months after my due date.

Mummy is working hard to raise awareness of this issue so that other babies don’t have to see their mummy’s go off to work when they still need them very much at home.

You can see me here, and sign my mummy’s petition. It may not help us, but no baby or mummy should be put in this position



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