Monday, 26 October 2015

The Never Ending Weight Loss Journey

I haven't blogged about my weight loss in ages. I am plodding away with Slimpod and still really enjoying the process. I can see lots of changes in my body, I am exercising consistently every day, and eating well. The scales aren't exactly reflecting my success so I am leaving them alone for a while.

Today I saw a dress in the window of my beloved Thunderegg. It looked completely gorgeous on the mannequin in the window and was quite sure it would look hideous on me. However down the stairs I went to find it.

I was slightly heartened when I saw it was Hell Bunny as these dresses work well on those of us with ample bosom and bottom.

I chatted to the manager and tried it on. She gasped "you will have to buy it you know" with a grin. I went away and thought about it, then bought it. It's just perfect for my Day of the Dead party at the weekend, but will be good for other occasions too.

I can see massive changes now from the beginning of the year, my legs are much slimmer and a nicer shape, my arms more toned, my waist much more defined and my bottom firmer. Some girls have to pay money for shapewear to get their dresses to stick out like that at the back!

I am just so excited to be so much more slimmer than I was in January, and by next Halloween I will be slimmer again and so on. I know I can do it, it's just a matter of making sure I keep up with these lifestyle changes.

And today I went to see a gym! I can't believe it, but just a few steps from my office is a small but perfectly formed gym with a pool for a decent price of £50 for 3 months! I'll be able to swim at lunch time or before work, and keep up with my steps on rainy days, and then dump my membership in summer when I can go on my long walks again after work!

No longer do I feel disheartened about my weight loss, it will take time to achieve my goals, but that's fine, as long as I continue to progress that is what matters, not how long it takes. 

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