Friday, 20 November 2015

Why I Support #JuniorDoctors Strike Action

I am not going to go through the technics of the Junior Doctors strike action or bombard you with links. I would urge you to follow Junior Doctors on Twitter. Many of my Twitter friends are doctors and I love them to bits. Junior Doctors are the absolute backbone of the NHS alongside all the other unsung heroes.

If you do want to know more read here

1. This post about a lovely junior doctor who assisted in my C section.

2. The junior doctor I hugged 

3. The doctor who told me I was dying

4. The doctor who told me I didn't have a heart problem I had a head problem and who I made refer me to the psychiatric team.

5. The junior doctor who apologised for being a junior doctor not a consultant and listened to my mental health history with kindness.

6. The junior doctor on the locked ward who asked me about my bipolar diagnosis. In horror I said "I didn't know I had bipolar, are you sure?" He smiled and said "oops I was reading someone else's notes I am "only" a junior.

7. The junior doctor on the ward, different from this one, who listened to me when I was in distress.

I have hundreds of stories about junior doctors.

Here is why junior doctors are fabulous

1. They are passionate. Haven't been in the system long enough to become jaded.

2. They have recent clinical skills and for the most part haven't learned bad practice.

3. They are kind. Maybe there are some not kind ones, but all the ones I have met have been awesome even the one who called me That Bloody Hodges Woman 

4. For the hours and responsibility they have they are paid peanuts but are certainly not monkeys.

5. They have more kindness and dedication than Jeremy Twunt Hunt. *refrains from using C word as this is a family blog*

6. Junior Doctors have

* saved my life
* saved my baby's life
* saved my sanity

Please don't allow them to be screwed they deserve so much more.

The fact patient safety could be jeopardised is a reason to listen.

Kylie Hodges - expert patient, blogger, mum, union representative, leftie, socialist scum

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