Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day - Peeps Charity

On April 4 North West England based charity Peeps  celebrated it's 2nd HIE Awareness Day. I asked founder Sarah for a press release to do a blog post, and she humbly said due to Corvid19 the day would be a quiet one.

I wanted to do a post anyway, however was struggling to time it, so thought what better day than #charitytuesday.

This beautiful little lady is Heidi. Heidi had her birth interrupted by HIE with long term consequences. Heidi communicates with smiles, and facial expressions, which her parents are highly tuned into. Heidi has medically complex needs, and her parents have become nurses, doctors and advocates. One of the wonderful parts of her story is her close relationship with her school transport taxi driver.

You can find out more about HIE (Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy here on the Peeps website.

When I was born I too lost oxygen, I never received a diagnosis myself but it's likely that I had grade 1. I know that I was put into a humidy crib at birth, and received oxygen treatment. No record of my birth exist now.

I have had mild coordination difficulties and some executive function issues all my life, although I have always worked around them.

Peeps exists to support all families who have experienced HIE regardless of the severity.

Heidi loves yellow and wearing her collection of Sunshine pants, she adores her new puppy who will be training as a support dog. She loves to laugh.

Heidi would love you to support her here with a donation, because Heidi would like to make sure other families do not feel alone.

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