Monday, 14 September 2015


Our friends at Thinking Slimmer have launched a fun challenge, to drop a dress size in 6 weeks. We have been split into teams and I have been allocated to the Apples. To me apples are synonymous with autumn, so that suits me fine.

At the moment in a dress I am a size 16-18 however in jeans I am still a 20 so I am going to vary a little and say that by 26th October I will be a size 18 jeans size.

To do this I will

* aim for an average of 15 000 steps a day
* Use my fitball at least 3 times a week
* listen to slimpod and fitpod every day

Here I am in my size 20 jeans!

I do have the Christmas dress to fit into as well but I am saving that for my Christmas goal. If it fits by 26th October then happy days!

I have been regularly podding away since March, and am really happy with my progress so far. I have every expectation that the next six weeks will be really fun, and it's always nice to be doing a challenge alongside others.

Lots of people ask me about slimpods as I waffle on about them all the time. Slimpods are like a gentle best friend who whispers in your ear "you can do this". This friend wants you to succeed in your weight loss, and to be a happy person from the inside out. It's not a diet, it's not a fad, it's not even rocket science. It's psychology and it's really clever.

But for it to work you have to suspend your disbelief and you have to be prepared to learn to trust yourself. That's been the hardest thing for me, to believe that I can trust myself to make good decisions. But I can! I don't need "rules" I know what to do. I do need tools like my fitbit, my friends, my slimpod and my nutribullet comes in handy, but I can let myself make the right choices for my long term health and well being.

These pictures were taken exactly one year apart. You cannot deny the changes in my cheeks and chins. I have one now! Not three!

This first picture was taken in January, the second a month ago. You can doubt slimpod as much as you like, but these pictures speak for themselves. I am happy and confident for the first time in a long time. Real confidence not just fake. I can go to an outdoor gym, I can ride my bike around people, I can run and I can do all this without feeling ashamed. I am me, I am changing and I will look how I dream.

Because my new best friend tells me so.