About Not Even A Bag of Sugar

My name is Kylie, I gave birth to my son at 27 weeks gestation in 2009. He weighed 1lb 7oz at birth.

I found having Joseph turned my whole world view upside down. Everything I thought I knew about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting was tipeed upside down and shaken out on to the hospital floor.

I felt very alone, and wished I had had someone to turn to, someone to tell me that what I was feeling was normal. What I discovered is that there is help there, but not always where you expect it to be and often you have to search for it. Somewhere out there is someone who feels or has felt the way you do, and will help you.

So when I started blogging, it was when Joseph was around 8 months old. I was recovering from post traumatic stress disorder and my blog became a place to share my thoughts. As I have moved further away from the experience, the blog has remained.

I am passionate about the charities working in this sector, and work closely with both Tommy's and Bliss. I am passionate that blogging can make a real difference, in bringing parents and families together, sharing information that may not be easily sourced elsewhere, and celebrating our special little children,

I love to hear from charities and businesses who are interested in pregnancy, prematurity, and parenting. You can email me at notevenabagofsugar@gmail.com.