Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Year 2 SATS Strike

Can you believe my son is now in year 2, and about to take Year 2 SATS. It weighed heavily on my mind whether to take part in the Year 2 SATS strike today as this write up in the Independent explains.

I have deliberately not written much about Joseph since he started school. There are a couple of reasons for this, mainly that I asked him about blogging and whilst he was largely ambivalent about being the subject of blog posts he did have concerns about his digital footprint when he becomes a cardiac surgeon.

Also, Joseph had a lot of problems starting school. I am well aware this blog is a "go to" for many parents and I didn't want to make others frightened about sending their prematurely born children to school.

The debate about Year 2 SATS that's been all over the press has been very alarming. Hearing about children being stressed and upset about them is worrying.

Joseph has no idea Year 2 SATS exist. Yes he's sitting them, but he won't know the "importance" of the tests. The children have been doing preparation all academic year but the school haven't informed them of the reasons behind this increase in academic work. I totally accept and agree with the approach.

So the main reason we haven't partaken in strike action today is that Joseph is unaware SATS exist and if he didn't attend school today I would have to tell him why he is not attending.

The second reason is that Joseph loves school. He doesn't know of the controversy around curriculum, he just knows that he loves his teachers, his friends and enjoys learning. Our school are doing a fantastic job, within the restraints of this frankly ridiculous system.

I didn't want to keep Joseph off and send mixed messages to him. At the end of the day it is I who have a problem with the Year 2 SATS not him. No one is going to ask Joseph at his university interviews what his Year 2 SATS score was. It is meaningless to him, it's a judge of the school and the teaching, not his ability.

Another reason I haven't participated is that no one else is at our school. For collective action to be anywhere near effective it has to be collective, it needs to have impact. This government's track record on being held accountable to strike action is clear. If junior doctors withdrawal of labour for 48 hours doesn't force the government to change what is a few kids missing Year 2 going to do. Yep. Nothing.

The decision to take part in the strike was mine to make and I disagree with children being used to back up their parent's ideology. If Joseph new about the SATS and was concerned about them, my decision may well have been different. If he was older and able to way up the pros and cons of strike action I would have presented him a choice.

Joseph is a very sensitive bright child, with an excellent knowledge of sciences, beautiful reasoning ability and fantastic at playing complex games on the iPad. He is not a natural at maths and his handwriting has been on a long journey, although it's getting there now.

I don't care what the SATS say. However, hand on heart I do believe SATS play a part in ensuring standardisation for schools. I think they are an evil we are stuck with. I do believe Nicky Morgan and the Conservative government need to take a long hard look at their policies and make some serious changes for the sake of our children.

However I do not believe for one moment that today's Year 2 SATS strike will achieve that at all.

I sent Joseph off with the rest of his peers with a smile and a kiss and look forward to not hearing about his day later!

"How was school today Joseph?"

"Fine" he will reply

"What did you today Joseph?"

"Nothing", if he replies at all.

Familiar anyone?