Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Walking a Marathon or Four for Adam

Many years ago I met Charlotte through Group B Strep Support  and wanted to help raise the profile of her blog Walking for Adam. Charlotte was and is passionate about raising awareness of Group B Strep to prevent other families from walking in Adam's shoes. You can read more about Adam's story on Charlotte's blog.

As you will discover, life for Adam has been turned upside down, as Charlotte's beloved husband has been diagnosed with a swift and aggressive form of cancer, and now due to that evil virus has now been isolated for 12 weeks at least.

I have wondered how to help Charlotte practically, and was, during Easter time, going to go and see if I could help her. Now of course that is impossible.

So when I discovered Group B Strep Support had launched Marathon in a Month I thought it was ideal and would really stretch me to make sure I got those miles in . Well now the game has changed.

With the current restrictions I am allowed one health walk a day then a trip to do an errand. Not being able to drive means I walk every where. I achieved the marathon last week alone. So I am going to endeavour to do 4, a marathon a week. Plus at least one of these will be walked by Joseph.

You can give here

I have met with the CEO over the phone and in person and I have every confidence every penny will be well spent to ensure this condition is prevented through education and whilst they fight for routine testing for every pregnancy.

Thank you in advance for you support 

Monday, 30 March 2020

Matt Hancock: Please Don't Force Me to Give Birth Alone

Oh dear readers it has been such a long time. And do not panic I am not pregnant again, heaven forbid!  But Matt Hancock Please Don't Force Me to Give Birth Alone.

I am awake at this time because I have an important petition to share from Emma Payne via Change.Org

This virus, and I will not speak it's name here, as I believe it is from the devil itself, is causing much trouble and strife, we are all locked down in our houses for very good reason, to prevent the spread of this virus to our most vulnerable. Matt Hancock Please Don't Force Me to Give Birth Alone.

I am just a mother, a lay person but I cannot imagine the impact this will have on all mothers, but particularly those having babies prematurely.

I cannot imagine, at just 27 week as I was, giving birth without my beautiful husband with me. He is not perfect (in fact he just came down and shouted at me this very moment for writing a blog rather than sleeping!) I have slept I just woke with a conviction deep in my heart that this needs to be shared and shared now. Matt Hancock Please Don't Force Me to Give Birth Alone

If there is evidence that such a draconian measure is required I call on Matt Hancock to explain this to Emma and myself.

What are other countries doing? In the mean time please sign and share this petition far and wide.

I will be blogging throughout the #viruscrisis to ensure that the voices of parents and their unborn babies are heard.

I trust that you will read and share and help others understand what is happening and to work together to ensure all is done in the best interests of everyone not just knee jerk reactions.

Love always


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