Thursday 18 March 2010

The Joy of Recycling

I am not a very good greenie. I do my best, but my best is not good enough. I do put my rubbish in the right bins, but sometimes I forget to take Dolly Parton's brassieres to the supermarket. (My sister gave me these fantastic string bags, the first time I used them I put melons in them, and they looked very sexy, in a slightly disturbing way!!!)

But I strongly believe in clothes recycling. Having a premature baby means you go through a lot of clothes. Joseph was just three and half pounds when we started buying clothes for him. Our unit said they provided clothes, but what they had was girl stuff! I would have put him in pink, personally, who was gonna see him? However, it makes you feel like you own your baby if you can go out and buy lots of lovely clothes.

So now Joseph is in 6-9 months clothes. I would hate to think how many pieces of clothing I have recycled. I like to give them to friends, when I can, otherwise I send them to the charity shop. I buy as much as I can for Joseph at charity shops. It's really funny, people look at me strangely, there is a real cringe about second hand stuff in England, I find. And its not about saving money particularly (although that is a great benefit), it's about putting money into the community, funding local projects, its about clothes ending up on babies backs and not in landfill and its about recycling!

I'm looking forward to moving to my new house where I can more readily use my sewing machine, and I can really start recycling, turning my husbands old shirts into waistcoats and trousers for Joseph, and extending my own wardrobe too!

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