Thursday 15 April 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We've done! We've moved! Moving day was very odd, serene is not a word you would associate with the chaos that comes with house moving, but the day was full of peace and serenity. The movers arrived at 8.15, grinning with delight when they saw the one bedroom, living room, and lack of boxes (that we had packed and moved into storage to facilitate an easy move) They proceeded to get everything into the truck, and were done by 9.30! They were expecting a long wait in their truck, as settlement usually doesn't go through till mid-late afternoon on a Friday.

At 11.30, as we were busily cleaning the flat, the call came, completion had gone through, and we could collect the keys at around 1pm! By 12.30 we had the keys, and the guys had us all moved by 2pm! We sat for a minute looking at each other, thinking right then! Now what?

The only things left to do were to pick Atticus up from the flat, and Joseph from our lovely friend Rebecca.

The new house is amazing. Its quiet, its huge (for us) has a lovely plain back garden ready for me to attack, and is a very tranquil place to be. (Apart from the 12 year old next door who listens to an hour of dreadful music after school, but I can live with that!)

To be posted seperately, my new house resolutions!

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