Monday 25 October 2010


Toddlers seem to spent a lot of time getting very frustrated. They want to do things, they want increasing levels of independence, and they want all these things now, immediately! Dealing with Joseph's frustration is becoming an increasing part of my day, which is fine. Until today.

We attend a lovely baby group, in our local village where we used to live. Despite moving we continue to travel to this one as we have been attending for over a year and have made some very good friends.

Today Joseph was surrounded by girls, all around the same age as him. Four of them, including Joseph, were happily playing with a pink baby stroller. Each of them took turns to walk around with it. The stroller was very light, and each little girl took at least 10 - 20 steps. Then Joseph had a go. He managed 3 steps then fell into a heap.

He was inconsolable, as the three others continued to play. It wasn't the bump, worse bumps happen on a daily basis and are marked with a quick kiss and a cuddle. No this was different.  Joseph finally realised something. He can't walk.

I've been ok with Joseph not being able to walk. On corrected age, he is only 14 months, so he's not officially developmentally delayed, the milestone for walking is anything up to 18 months. I can handle people asking "is he walking yet", and having to explain his story......again.

What I can't handle is Joseph realising he is different, without me being able to explain to him why. I just want to tell him that he's special, that he was born 3 months early, that he wasn't expected to be able to breathe on his own or eat on his own, and he has done an amazing job catching up with everything else, and that walking can wait until he's ready.

So Joseph, if your reading this, you are amazing, and it doesn't matter if you never walk, you have achieved so much so ready, you can fly. 


  1. Joseph listen to your mummy, you are amazing, like your mummy, and I am proud of all you little and big achievements.

    Poor Joseph x

  2. Ah little joesph - walking is overrated anyways as soon as mine learnt to walk I made them fetch me things! Twin boy learned first and twin girl saw the error of his ways and refused to walk till she was 19 months!

    In all seriousness - beautiful post, have read a few of the blogs tonight and bloomin tears keep pricking at my eyes and it takes a lot to get this northerner emotional.....