Friday 8 October 2010

I'm always travellin'......

One thing my husband and I have always had in common is a love of travelling. When we discovered we were pregnant, we were very much hoping, that although our budget would be somewhat constrained, we would not have to give up our adventures.

Joseph's first trip abroad, from Manchester UK to Australia, was booked when he was two weeks old, in ITU, strung up to all manner of machines and monitors. I must have been insane! I booked a long layover in Dubai, just in case he was on oxygen or needed assisted feeding via a PEG tube, so that we could renew equipment etc. As the day approached, and Joseph was by then 7 monthos old, it became clear that the layover would just be for fun, Joseph, was to all intents and purposes, normal!

So we travelled downunder and had a fabulous time. We have since done several local trips, including a long one to London to stay with a dear friend and her son also born prematurely.

We have just returned from an enormous driving trip, from Manchester to Germany via Dover and Calais. Joseph is a fantastic traveller, he sleeps well, he loves trying new foods, and he enjoys the process of travelling, meeting people and having new experiences. He is an absolute delight.

It's easier and harder now, at least now I don't have to worry about sterilising bottles, and lugging loads of stuff with us. He can drink with a straw and is the neatest eater I have ever met, so its not the end of the world if I have forgotten a cup and a bib. But now he is increasingly mobile, its ever so hard. He's not content to stay in the sling, or in the car seat, or the pushchair for any length of time, but the world is just not created for crawling toddlers.

Except German service station stops. For some reason the Germans, bless em, have thought of the tiniest travellers, gorgeous, well equipped changing stations, and large indoor play areas usually with ball pools and crawling tunnels.

I can't wait for our next adventure, again to Australia, in February. Just myself on my own with a 20 month old. Piece of cake??? Preferably Bienestick - Joseph's newly discovered favourite!

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