Friday 19 November 2010


Its been a tough week. I found the Fight for Preemies Day a lot more emotional and heart-wrenching than I ever expected. It really brought it home how many families have been through, and are going through, what we have, and how hard it is. The journey through NICU is one I wouldn't wish on anyone. For the past few months I have been feeling stronger and more positive than ever, and had slight setback this week, feeling a bit down, and traumatised again.

And then, we had the flood. Not a massive one, just turns out that the pipe that connects my sink and washing machine to the outisde world was held together with a little big of concrete render and newspaper! The newspaper perished. Unfortunately it was too wet and soggy for me to look at the date on it!!!  So we had that to deal with.

And then, if that wasn't enough, my phone wasn't working. Now with the interweb and mobile phones it shouldn't be an issue, however this week is chemo week. My mum has chemotherapy on a Thursday and is often sleepless and as she is in Australia and I am here, then its nice for her to be able to ring me in the wee hours of the morning.

So yesterday was an admin day, sorting out the plumber (cute, by the way), the phone (easy fixed, problem at the exchange apparently) and talking to mum (as well as can be expected). So today I decided Joseph and I needed a treat.

We took a tram to Manchester, where they have traditional European markets. It gets bigger (and better) every year. Last year we missed it as Joseph was small, and I felt the risk of picking up bugs from the crowded populace was not worth taking, and the year before I was pregnant. I still went, but no gluhwein for me! And I avoided a lot of the other food as well, just to be on the safe side.

Joseph had a brilliant time, taking in all the sights, and eating! We saw an old friend who runs a fruit stall and he gave Joseph a banana, which he ate. Then off to the Dutch section and Joseph had an Olliebollen, a dutch donut with raisins. Then we shared a huge Wiener Schnitzel and potatoes. Then he had a skewer of strawberries, marshmallow and grapes smothered in chocolate. He ate everything! Not bad for the child who would never eat!!!

And then we came home, he had a nap, woke up, and then started again, 4 fish fingers, a plate of chips, peas and corn, finished off with a ginger biscuit (homemade, tonight was a helicopter! Why don't I own a gingerbread man?)

It was lovely have some mummy and son time, no interruptions, no stress, just lots of lovely sights, sounds and of course, food!

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