Sunday 2 January 2011

Bucket List

Oh this is really hard, I've never really thought about a "what do I want to do before I kick the bucket" list, because I always worry I might work really hard on a list and then get run over by a bus or something! I'll be extra careful tomorrow!

1. Visit Antarctica
2. Visit Uluru (Ayre's Rock - not climb in though)
3. Swim between Greek islands
4. Plant an awesome garden
5. Foster/adopt a child/children
6. Write a book about premature babies
7. Own a house outright
8. Watch test cricket in Sri Lanka, West Indies and India
9. Learn to drive
10. Return to university
11. Write a cookbook
12. Cook a Gordon Ramsay meal - 3 courses
13. Complete a professional cookery course
14. Eat in a Michellin starred restaurant
15. Work in a foreign country as a volunteer for at least a month
16. Paint a mural
17. Learn to tile
18. Ride the Indian Pacific
19. Ride the Ghan
20. Ride the Trans Siberian railway
21. Travel the bits of Sicily I missed
22. Travel the bits of Sri Lnaka I missed
23. Live in a part of Australia I haven't tried
24. Visit Darwin
25. Run/walk/waddle a half marathon
26. Reach my ideal weight
27. Learn Italian
28. Learn some sort of dancing
29. Go camping. properly!
30. Fly a kite with Joseph
31. Teach Joseph to swim
32. Visit a castle
33. Go to Hadrian's wall
34. Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef
35. Raft the Franklin River
36. Walk the Overland Trail
37. Go backpacking across Europe
38. Make Joseph a memory quilt
39. Make a family scrapbook
40. Cook How to be a  Domestic Goddess cover to cover
41. Read 100 works of classic literature
42. Write to my 3 culinary heros, Nigella Lawson, Stephanie Alexander and Marcus Wareing
43. Visit Gallipoli on Anzac Day
44. March at Manchester's Gay Pride
45. Celebrate New Year's Eve in London
46. Visit Buckingham Palace
47. Take Joseph to Legoland
48. Attend a Richmond AFL match
49. Adopt a retired greyhound
50. Raise chickens
51. Grow a veggie garden
52. Bake my own bread regularly
53. Visit Israel
54. Read the Koran
55. Play the violin again and this time learn folk fiddling
56. Draw Joseph's portrait
57. Learn watercolour painting
58. Stop biting my fingernails
59. Have a makeover
60. Learn photography
61. Own something other than a simple camera
62. Run for local council
63. Be on the board for a charity
64. Read the Diary of Anne Frank with Joseph
65. Visit Anne Frank's House
66. Sail a yacht with my husband
67. Wear a designer dress
68. Collect enough Pandora charms to fill my bracelet
69. Be my own boss
70. Make craft items to sell
71. See U2 live
72. Visit Tamworth NSW
73. Visit Nashville
74. Be an extra in a movie or a tv show
75. Attend a residential cooking class in Tuscany
76. Return to Suva, Fiji and see what has happened since my visit in 1992
77. Sleep in a yurt
78. Sleep in a gypsy caravan
79. Teach baby signing
80. Become a proficient cake decorator
81. Make personalised cushions for Kate, Emma, Max and Izzy (Joseph's besties from hospital)
82. Raise £1000 for Bliss
83. Volunteer for Reprieve
84. Visit Japan
85. Learn to make sushi
86. Work in a restaurant even just for a day
87. Learn to cycle
88. Watch 10 Academy Award winning films and blog about them
89. Keep my blog or a version thereof for at least 5 years
90. Organise a suprise 50th birthday party for my darling husband
91. Celebrate our silver wedding anniversary
92. Knit a jumper
93. Own a ragdoll cat
94. Become a community leader and make our estate a nicer place to be
95. Start a charity to help parents with babies in NICU/PICU
96. Redecorate my living room and kitchen
97. Watch a football match at Wembley
98. Make my own sloe gin
99. Learn to make my own cheese
100. Visit Darwin
101. Visit the Brett Whitely gallery in Sydney


  1. Wow, what a list! I've done a couple of those -
    32. Visit a castle
    65. Visit Anne Frank's House
    In the process of doing some of the others!
    I'll join you in the run/walk/waddle a half marathon! x

  2. I've actually been to Anne Franks house but meant with Joseph x I have been to Warwick castle but that doesn't count!