Monday 10 January 2011

Like A Bird.....

It seemed fitting today after my post this morning about the ugliest insect I ever saw, to tell you about the bird that saved my life .

For those reading for the first time, to put it briefly, I had a horrible pregnancy, and was hoping things were starting to get better in time for my third trimester. This particularly day I was 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I had been off work for about 10 weeks, as my blood pressure was unstable. My doctor and midwife thought I was over reacting, but it felt like if I had the remotest bit of stress it skyrocketed, so I decided until I got a straight answer about what was happening, I would stay at home.

In the morning my midwife had come and checked my blood pressure, I was having daily monitoring. We had a chat and she left. During the day I started to feel unwell. Just very tired, a bit headachy, and afternoon nausea (whoever called it morning sickness was having a laugh, at pregnant ladies' expense). It wasn't unusual for me to feel naff, so I went to bed. I went into quite a sleep, and woke to the sound of cat yowling, Atticus is pretty much silent, hardly ever does anything more than raise a purr.

I got up, feeling very light headed and confused, and shaky. There was an awful, ominous noise coming from the bathroom. The cat was frantic, the noise was getting worse. My first thought was it was my upstairs neighbour working on his flat, but if this was the case, why was the noise underneath my ground floor flat, it just didn't make sense, but I went and got him anyway.

I don't think I made any sense when I knocked on his door! He came in with his tool box, and the noise had stopped. I felt really stupid. But Martin decided to have one last look in the bathroom, and it started again, banging and crashing.

It took a couple of moments, but we realised a bird had become trapped under the bath, no wonder the cat was going mental! Meals on Wheels (well wings).

Martin carefully took the side off the bath panel, and the bird went free, it took a few minutes but we got it outside. Martin went upstairs, and soon after my husband came home. The rest of the evening was spent with me still feeling naff, and due to this upset, unable to sleep. I spent the next few hours trying to work out whether it was shock, sinus trouble triggered by the feathers or pre eclampsia.

I am convinced that had I not been woken by the bird, I would have had an eclamptic seizure in my sleep and may have died.

So little bird, trapped under my bath, thank you. You saved my life.

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