Tuesday 1 February 2011

Dear Younger Self

Dear 16 year old Kylie,

Life isn't particularly easy at the moment, and I know you feel like you are being left behind. You haven't got a boyfriend yet, they really are over-rated, a lot of work at this age, for not much result. In your future, although you won't have them queuing around the block, there will be plenty of fish, some that need chucking back quite swiftly not even with a Rex Hunt kiss, but definitely a keeper. Keeping with the kissing, but moving from the fish, you may need to kiss a frog, or six, along the way. 

I know you are desperate at the moment not to be a teenager, but really, those years go far too fast, and before you know it, you are landed with a job, rent or a mortage to pay, and a load of responsibility, treasure the last of your teen years. Don't take life too seriously, enjoy it, be a kid, make mistakes. If you wait until your twenties and thirties to live a little and make those mistakes, your in danger of being left behind.

Don't worry so much about the world, it has a enough trouble of it's own. Live your best life, and follow your dreams, but worrying doesn't solve a thing. Its constraining, and it will prevent you from really living and experiencing everything out there.

5 years on

Dear 21 year old Kylie,

Don't do this. Don't marry him. I know your a Christian, and he's a Christian, and it all seems a good idea. I know you think you love him, but he doesn't love you. He needs you desperately, but he doesn't love you. It will end in more than tears, it will end in sorrow. He will bring you to a dark place you do not need to go to. You are young, there is a whole world out there waiting for you, do not live in darkness, do not live in his shadow, come out, into the light, into freedom.

Dear 30 year old Kylie

You have to do this now. You should have done it years ago. Get out of Tasmania, learn what life is all about away from your shadows of the past. You married him, but you divorced him, and now is time to really live, and to love, and to shine. Yes, it will be scary. Yes, at times England will seem so foreign, despite sharing a language at times it will seem so different you will wonder why you didn't just move somewhere totally foreign. But you will find love here, and you will finally have what you've longed for, but it may not be as you expected. But you will be fine.

Dear future self,

Well its been a crazy path, but now is the time to think more strategically, forget about past mistakes and really do what your heart wants you to do, find your career, its not too late, and follow you heart. Being a mum may be enough for right now, but in the future, you may need more. Take the time to plan, and to consider, to make decisions carefully, and to use your resources wisely.

That is all

My present self

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  1. Hi, just come across your blog from BMB and I love this post, what a great idea. Just reading it has brought me out in goose bumps, how little we know when we're younger. Look forward to reading more. xx