Tuesday 15 March 2011

The way forward

Whilst I have been away, I haven't blogged. Well I've one two little entries, and initially I thought I'd try and schedule posts and keep up with it, I decided that whilst I spent time with my parents and my little boy, Í'd give it a rest, only blogging if the mood really took me.

I've had a lot of fun on holiday, and a bit of time to reflect on what happens when we get home in just under 2 weeks time, both with the blog, and with life in general.

When I started this blog, it was just for me. It was cathartic to write things down. If I had got 20 followers I would have been extremely happy. But now, with Twitter and Facebook I am reaching a lot bigger audience than I ever expected. I am so thrilled and priveleged to have met so many wonderful people through the blog, and I am so happy that I have been able to share with, and to help other people.

What has suprised me is that it is the premature baby posts that get the most views, and other things that I thought people might be interested in, haven't really taken off the way I thought they might. So this blog has become a niche blog, in a sense.

I am attending Cybermummy this year, to learn more about blogging, and to explore where I can take this, and what I do with it. But I am becoming increasingly aware that I don't really "fit in" with other mummy bloggers, with product reviews and general chit chat. I think that says a lot about the way I write, I am better when I am exploring issues and emotions than sharing the general comings and goings of our lives.

I guess the reason for this post is to get some feedback. What do you, my reader and follower, want from Not Even A Bag of Sugar? What sort of things would you like me to cover? Would you like to see more personal things, and off topic posts, or should I just stick to the small stuff?

The other thing I would really like to do is introduce Twitter chats monthly. I have taken part in several March of Dimes #preemiechat sessions, and would love to see us English and European mums have our own chats too, as things are so different on the other side of that big pond!

The other thing that has been on my mind ever since Joseph's suprise arrival is writing a book. I know that there are many great books out there, but I haven't seen any English ones, and I think there is a need. Is there a need? Did you wish there was a "What to Expect" book about your premature babies first years? And how to take care of them at home? Something practical and encouraging?

Please take some time to think about these three things -

What do you want from Not Even a Bag of Sugar?
Would you appreciate and above all participate in a #notevena Twitter chat once a month?
Would you have bought or read a book on caring for your premature baby had one been available?


  1. I tend to read the posts which are relevant to my experiences...

    I don't Tweet/Twitter/Chirp so wouldn't be something I'd take part in.

    I wouldn't have bought/read a book at the time - it was all too raw. I even avoided Googling while Skye was in SCBU. However, as she's become older I'd have liked to have read similar experiences - readmittances, hypotonia, asthma, bronchiolitis, feeding, lack of growth, etc. So issues that COULD affect full-termers, but which seem more likely to affect premmies.

    Hope that helps!

  2. I am a mummy but I havent walked the path of being a mum to a premature baby I just wanted to say I take my hat of to you, and I like the blog as it is....
    I'm not reliable to do a regular chat.
    I think a book is a good idea, you touched on one of your blogs about how individual the path each premmie takes so although a generic book would be good I think offering your story would be a huge support for those going through or reflecting on past experiences.
    Hope that helps - good luck with everything Kylie x x x x

  3. Hi, I like your posts. The posts and blogs I like are both those that talk about their experiences / personal stories but also interesting stories about day to day stuff. I don't do twitter but something I find useful with other blogs is where I can subscribe to email updates with new posts. I use feedburner for my blog which I think is useful for busy people. Book wise the mums I know with premature babies would have needed a book but as the timing was a surprise don't know if they would have gone and bought a book in the first few weeks when they would have needed it. Hope that helps and keep posting.

  4. I love your blog, it speaks to me about experiences I have had and am having. Like you, I know I'm not treading the path of a typical mum, and it's nice to feel not alone in that.

    I do tweet (as you know) but I'm also very sporadic so might take part once in a while, but probably not all the time. Also I'm better writing about prem experiences than talking about them. I'm getting there, but I still get a little upset on occasion. And that's in spite of knowing that I am so so lucky - it's just an automatic reaction that I can't always control.

    In terms of your book, I say go for it if it will help you. Have to say I've considered it too, but then like the others have said I wouldn't have read it at the time. I still remember living in every moment. I didn't want to look back, I didn't want to look forward. I had to stay in the present or I'd have cracked. As you know, being on that unit, all day every day... it's sapping. But you don't want to be anywhere else, do anything else. That's me though. I do think you should canvass a wider section - do a little market research. You've certainly got the skill and ability.

  5. Y'know I've had a rethink on the last part of my comment. Today the thought of a book you might write has kept popping into my mind, and although I said I felt I wouldn't have made the time to read it, I think that if someone had bought me it or at least told me of it's existence then perhaps I would have.

    But never mind the past, when I think about it objectively then I think it would be an excellent thing for you to do and for parents to have access to. I know I said 'go for it' at the end, but I passionately believe that you really really should. Your blog is written in just the right way for what parents going through it need. It's not too centred on your own experience, but it's thoughtful and informative. You seem to be able to take a step back and that is why I think you should.

    Like you, I had ruled out ever having another baby but now the PTSD is loosening it's grip I'm considering it (not saying I will, but just 'considering') and I think that if it happened again, even though I'd have my own experience to draw on, I would STILL appreciate a book written in just the same way as youwrite your blog.

    I hope that helps. x