Monday 16 May 2011

Baby Massage Works

About Baby Massage Works

Katie and Tina trained together at Manchester University, completing the Making a Difference programme in Professional  Nursing Studies having become firm friends and concentrating on our individual career paths Tina joined Katie in 2011 to offer baby massage courses to new mums.  We both use therapeutic massage with our own children, sharing a strong belief in the power of nurturing touch in the parent - child relationship.  Katie facilitates classes in Knutsford, Cheshire and Tina in SW London.  


I am Katie Mills, a qualified nurse, massage therapist and a baby massage instructor.
I am interested in all aspects of health and well-being and became particularly interested in baby massage after the birth of our son Archie. He was born 7 weeks prematurely and weighed just 2lbs 15oz. He was a very stressed baby and suffered terribly with reflux.

I took a class in baby massage and found it a very effective way of relaxing both Archie and myself as well as reducing the incidence of his reflux. I decided that I wanted to share the knowledge I gained from this experience with other mums.


I am Tina Baker, a qualified nurse, massage therapist and baby massage instructor.  After becoming a mum in 2010 I decided to train in baby massage as having witnessed first hand the benefits of infant massage on my daughter Eva to helping sleep and relaxation patterns and the aiding her developmental path, I wanted to share these skills with other news mums to enhance our babies as they grow into happy healthy young children. 
I completed Peter Walker’s training in April 2010. Peter Walker is a a pioneer of developmental baby massage he is internationally renown physical therapist who teaches “Developmental Baby Massage and Movement’ for children from birth to five”. 

Why Massage Your Baby?

There are historical accounts of massage being used in ancient civilisations as far back as 3,000 years ago.
The word 'massage' originates from the Arabic word meaning 'to stroke'. In India for hundreds of years the art of baby massage has been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter.
Although it is very difficult to pin point exactly where the practise of baby massage originates from, it is now widely practised around the world, and recognised by many as being just as vital as the milk we feed our babies. 
Touch is a newborns first language- it is her prime means of communication and plays a important role in forming our early parent child relationships.  The skin is our largest organ and it is the first organ to develop in the womb.
Baby massage is not a trendy phase or fad, it is an ancient art and philosophy that connects you deeply to your baby.
Benefits for Baby
·         Enhances bonding
·         Improves communication
·         Relieves colic wind and constipation
·         Stimulates and regulates your babies major bodily systems ( eg circulatory, nervous, immune, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory)
·         Promotes neurological development
·         Improves your babies sleep
·         Is an activity done together with your baby, a shared experience
·         Provides relaxation for your baby
·         Increases oxytocin and serotonin ( anti- stress hormones)

Benefits for Parents
·         Helps parents to become more attuned to their baby
·         Develop a greater understanding of my babies body language
·         Allows us to ‘just be’ with our baby
·         Helps us to relax
·         Enhances the parent infant bond
·         Increases our self confidence as parents
·         Reduces the risk of post natal depression
·         Social aspect in a supportive group environment
·         Decreases stress hormones

Classes are kept small and personal to ensure a high level of teaching and a perfect environment for you and your new baby. Plenty of time is allowed for feeding and naps and all classes are baby led. Light Refreshments are provided at the end of every session to allow you time to chat and relax. 

Private or One to One Sessions; 
Tina can come to you and hold a course in your home (ideal for Mum and Dads to learn and share the skills together) or mothers group meeting place. 
We can also offer a Introductory 1 hour workshop at your group's usual meeting place. Group discounts will apply.

If you are interested in participating in one of our classes or have any questions please feel free to email or call either Katie or myself.  
London and the South East Tina on 0781 458 4050
Knutsford and the North West 0797 354 0072

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  1. I am not an expert but I have read alot of articles and books on baby massage and I do the best I can living in the back end of America where such things are completely alien... Charlie has had bed time massage since he was a week or so old... ok gentle stroking but working his whole body, ears to toes. People stop me in the supermarket to say how happy my baby looks, complete strangers! He sleeps at least 18 hours in any 24 hour period. I am calm and relaxed and so is he. I wish I was there to learn more from you guys, I often massage him wishing I knew more, but I do what I can, if youre a new mum contact these ladies!! Charlie is testament to even amateur massage works.... Im agine if I was taught by pros!!!!