Monday 13 June 2011

Pay it Forward

Ghostwritermummy tagged me in Good Bloggers Pay it Forward, because we are both nominated, along with three other amazing bloggers in the Mad Awards If you haven't voted yet, please consider voting for me, or indeed any of the fab blogs in any of the categories.

I thought I would tag the five finalists for The Best Baby Blog. This award is very close to my heart because two of my special mummy friends are nominated. So here are my five bloggers tagged for this meme.

1. Leon at
2. Jennie at
3. Bloggomy at
4. Tom at
5. Molly at

Leon (well his mummy) has been a friend of mine for long time, and we've made the leap into "realdom". Jennie is a wonderful friend too, her twins were born at 27 weeks and we have lots of shared experiences, she's also made it possible for me to go to Cybermummy.

I wish all five of them well

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