Wednesday 27 July 2011

Ten Things I Love About You

Today's post is a linky hosted by the lovely Aimee at Mother on Mother Earth , sharing ten things we love about our little ones.

1. I love the way you play. You don't need toys or fancy things. You love stones, dirt, water, pens, paper. You can play anywhere anyhow, and I love that about you.

2. I love your compassion and your empathy. One of my favourite moments in Australia was when a young lady was crying at the airport and you went and cuddled her legs and smiled at her.

3. I love your smile, the way you light up a room and make everyone feel happy.

4. I love your bravery. Not only when you were in hospital for all that time, but you have had to have quite a few tests and things, and you always face them with a smile.

5. I love your sense of humour. You have an amazing sense of comic timing, its like living with Peter Kay!

6. I love your words. Being able to communicate with you is a joy, and I love hearing you speak. It brings such joy to me.

7. I love your cuddles. When you stand up in the cot at bed time, put your arms out and say "cuggle Mummy" it's just so lovely. And the tongue kisses!

8. I love the way you eat. Especially spaghetti and linguine. It's a joy to me to watch you devour your food.

9. I love our time together, going new places, discovering new things, I love seeing the world through your eyes.

10. I love the way you sleep, all curled up, sometimes with a little smile, you are just so cute. And I love the way you sleep 15 hours a day, even if I do worry sometimes!


  1. And I love this! Going to steal it...

  2. I love reading it too xx Reene

  3. What a lovely lovely post. It's so wonderful to see a parent appreciating their little one so wholly. Thank you. xxxx