Friday 26 August 2011

Friday Feature - The 2 Cleverest Babies on the Web

Today's feature is going to showcase two very clever and insiprational babies.

The first one is Felix, who blogs at The Hasler Show , an extremely cute and affable young chap, Felix started blogging when in the neo natal unit in a place called Liverpool, and then another place called Macclesfield. However, since going to the place called home, it appears that Felix has had to either share his computer equipment with Mummy and Daddy or is having so much fun, he just hasn't got the time to blog anymore.

Felix has had a lot of challenges in his short life, and always faces them with wit and  a smile, characteristics that will do him well in the years to come. Also on Felix's blog his parents have collated a list of terms which give a concise and accurate run down of common conditions that affect premature babies.

Now a very special young man, who has also managed to get his fat little baby fingers on to a lap top is Leon who blogs here. Leon, although a fat termie, had his own obstacles at the beginning to overcome, and eloquently blogs his journey through life, in his busy family. I have the honour of being a personal friend of his Mum, and Leon very kindly allows her to blog sometimes too.

One of the loveliest things about Leon's blog are the amazing photographs, and a note to babies everywhere, ensuring a parent is a professional photographer is a very good idea.

Leon has been nominated for a MAD blog award and we are still looking for a sponsor so he (well his mummy) can be there on his behalf. If you are interested in sponsoring Leon (well Sam) please let me know, contact details are on my home page.


  1. Thanks - checking these out now! What clever babies!

  2. Wow, thank you very much!
    Felix will get round to blogging again, he's just taking a well deserved rest, either that or he's protesting that his Dad is back to full-time work!