Thursday 22 September 2011

I've Been to London to Visit.....

I've been away this week and am raring to go with lots of interesting posts! So I thought I would just give you a bit of a run down of just what I have been up to!

Well first of all I have joined up with Tommy's to help launch their 5 point pregnancy plan in conjunction with Bounty (the UK's best loved parenting club, not the chocolate bar!) And, I kept a secret, I am really bad at keeping secrets, but I appeared on ITV daybreak. I am hoping to get an email link so those of you who can't view the ITV player on line can see Joseph and I on national television.

The highlight of the day was going on BBC Radio 5 Live, with my new best friend Dr Hilary Jones, who was honoured to share the couch with me at ITV. I really enjoyed being "on wireless", as my beloved husband would say. I was also on BBC Radio Manchester as well.

I am so passionate about the 5 point pregnancy plan, because, when I fell pregnant I felt at a loss. I was confused about "do not diet" but "be careful". This plan - Nutrition, Weight Management, Exercise, Quitting Smoking and Mental Health will undoubtedly help many women, and hopefully, as a result, see more babies being born healthy and at term and I'm excited about sharing more about this in the coming weeks.

On Wednesday I was thrilled to attend an amazing shopping day with TKMaxx, to be dressed in a fabulous outfit for the MAD Blog Awards. I'm passionate about TKMaxx and look forward to sharing more about this event. It was great to make new friends and to meet up with some people I already tweet with. I am even more excited about the awards. Joseph came with me, who says toddlers can't shop, he was perfect. her did manage to fall asleep all through our very delightful lunch, waking up just in time for dessert! That's my boy!

And on Thursday I went to the Bliss offices to be part of the Little Bliss panel. Little Bliss is a gorgeous little publication dear to my heart, as I read it on the unit, and its great to be part of it. I have learned a lot about design and content, and its always good to meet other parents of premature babies. I feel so honoured to be part of this amazing community.

I hope to have some great posts coming up, and sharing more about my struggle with obesity and how I managed my pregnancy. This week has inspired me to start looking again at getting my weight out of the too hard basket and start working on it......again! If you own a gym and want to give me a membership get in touch!


  1. Wow, I've been out of the loop for a while and it seems you've been very busy! I saw on Facebook you were going to be on Daybreak but I tuned in a little late and just heard them discussing obesity in pregnacy.
    Glad you're out there helping others,


  2. Wowee wowee wowee! You are just amazing, awe inspiringly, brilliant. Well done you. Can't wait to read the upcoming posts.

    With regards to the weight loss, mine's at the bottom of your 'too hard' basket too :( too much, too big a task, too hard to start. We could do it together? Support each other? X

  3. Was lovely to see you today, gorgeous lady. And don't worry too much about your weight - we love you just the way you are. K x

  4. That's my problem so do I, I'm actually not uncomfortable, the way I look is just me, and I'm ok with that. It's the long term health implications that worry me, as I am 40 next year and would like to be around for another 40 I want to meet my grandkids, and if Joseph is a late bloomer like me, I have to do something now really.

  5. I love you just the way you are too! But, if you do want to lose even a little, I'll help you, you know that, as I struggled at times but lost all that I did! You be my pregnancy mentor and I'll be your weight loss mentor ;)