Sunday 16 October 2011

Hello and Welcome - Travellers to My Blog

I thought, after a million years of blogging, I should have a go at Listography, hosted by the very lovely Kate Takes 5. This week she has asked us to list our 5 top keyword searches, how lovely random folk find out blog from search engines.

I'm not a statistics queen but I love seeing how people find my blog. I have to say, I get an awful lot of people finding me by typing in "can I take a bag of sugar on a plane?" and feel quite sad that I have lured these folk under false pretenses. Can I just say, I think the answer is yes, because its a powder, not a liquid and there are no current rules about powder on planes. However can I just ask "why?" Why would you want to take up precious hand luggage with a bag of sugar?

So, excluding my blog name (and the endless permeatations thereof) here are my top 5 searches.

1. World Prematurity Day - Well I have to say I am very honoured that some folk have come across my blog this way, and hope they have become regular readers. Not long to go now, November 17th!

2. 10 Things I Love About You - This was a joy of a post to write and I've had a lot of visitors to it, which is lovely.

3. Premature Baby Racket - I have to say, I was confused by this one. Premature babies with tennis rackets? Or more likely the din premature babies make at night when they are sleeping!

4. Show Newborn Using Portable Oxygen Tank - My very good friend Kylie wrote this post about her gorgeous little boy and gave me a number of photos. I hope this search term indicates that people have found this helpful.

5. Love's Labors Lost ER - I wrote this post reflecting on an episode of ER and am surprised how many people find me this way.

I found this a really interesting exercise, and its also quite heart warming how many people have found my blog by actively looking for it, and that makes me very happy! At Cybermummy I became known as the "bag of sugar" lady. I am so glad that I picked this title for my blog, a rare moment of inspiration!


  1. what a lovely list :) x

  2. See now yours are relevant and interesting. Mine are tosh, most of them are for reviews.

  3. Lovley how many finds you have had for relevant stuff for your blog. Great job! Mich x

  4. ghostwritermummy17 October 2011 at 16:33

    I like your first one the best, heart warming to see that people aren't disappointed when they click through to your blog XxX

  5. Well that's all good isn't it - love your bag of sugar lady tag!

  6. Really good list - and I enjoyed your 10 things I love about you post