Sunday 23 October 2011

Hopes and Dreams

I have been a member of Britmums for a long time now, soon after I started blogging I joined. Britmums have introduced weekly blog prompts, and I have done a couple now. There are always two, one personal and one blog related. I normally don't do the blog related, as blogging about blogging seems weird to me, unless you write a "blogger to blogger" type blog, and a lot of my readers don't blog. But if I've inspired you to start, then that's wonderful!

So this week I am going to do both, because to me they are directly related.
  • Personal Prompt: What are your hopes and dreams for yourself, your family and/or your children? How can you help to make it happen?
  • Blogging Prompt: What do you hope to achieve through blogging? What makes your blog UNIQUE and SPECIAL?
So what are my hopes and dreams for myself. I guess firstly, I have been thinking a lot about the blog lately. Sometimes I wonder if what I do is relevant, but you know what, blogging to me has always been about sharing my thoughts, and if only one or two people are interested in that, that's fine by me. I've never set out to set the world on fire, but to have a place where I can comment and share, what has surprised me is sharing personal stuff generates more response than the more informative posts. I think what's unique about my blog is its about us and our experience, and that is what makes it unique.

Personally too, I want to make a difference. I have returned to work, and have decided to go back into the care sector. I am passionate about carework, which I will share at some point, and am at the crossroads now, deciding whether to stay in care or to do my nursing training. I do feel too old to go into university again, which is ridiculous, because I have known many mature students and never thought they were too old. But I'm still thinking about it!

My hopes and dreams for Joseph are the same as when he wa 1lb 7oz and in a plastic box. That he continues to grow and develop and find his place in the world. I don't care whether he is straight or gay, a binman or a consultant, married or single. All I want is for him to grow into the person he was born to be. And to toilet train. That would be nice.

From a family point of view I hope that we can continue to grow together, and also get into some sort of financial stability. We are fine, don't worry, I'm not about to put a donation box on the blog, but being single income for 2 years has made a bit of a dent, and we need to work to get ourselves in a stronger position.

Also ultimately, I'd like a bigger house. I love our 3 bedroom house, but I'd love a larger living space, or a play room. Given the caveats on our existing property, extending is unlikely to be an option, so we'd have to move.

And on the topic of dreams, my ultimate dream is having enough funds so I can live in the UK for half a year and Australia for the other half, and never have a winter!

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  1. My friend's sister has not long started her training, she is a little younger than us but will still be into her 4th decade! She has 2 young children with minimal support from their Dad (they're estranged) and her parents are always abroad but she seems to be having a fab time and not looking back! I can put you in touch if you like! xxx