Tuesday 25 October 2011

A Laugh a Minute - Joseph at 2 and a half

Joseph is 2 and a half now and he's absolutely hilarious. I was starting to be a bit concerned that he wasn't asking questions and not singing..........I should have learnt from the walking debacle to be careful what I wish for! "Mummy is that Peppa?" "oh Mummy where's he gone?" when Daddy leaves for work. "Mummy who's that?" when someone dares to walk down our street without prior permission!

Last week Joseph did the cutest thing. One of his favourite past times is drawing, lately his favourite weapon is just a plain blue biro, but I have lovely chunky crayons and Crayola superwashable markers (which are a god send!) Joseph stopped drawing, put three crayons in a row and sung "happy birthday to me" then blew them over! Oh the cuteness.

I caught him yesterday sitting on the stairs, with a tiny housespider on the wall nearby and this little voice singing "little miss muffet sat on a tuffet eating her......carpet", well it makes more sense than curds and whey, and at least it rhymes!

Joseph's love affair with all things transportation continues. He loves the garbage trucks, and much excitement now we have 7 bins, and an array of different trucks visiting. The binmen always wave, to Joseph they are like rockstars. He is also very excited that work has commenced on our fire station at the end of the road, and we spent 20 minutes watching the building works today!

We have "posh telly", otherwise known as Sky, and they have "kindly" given us access to all the children's channels, and Joseph now has pretty much unlimited access to his beloved Peppa, and had discovered "Olive the Ostrich" which I really enjoy too, Northern voiced ostrich with Rolf Harris voiceover, its just like being at home with Aussie mum and Northern dad!

Being back at work I am finding I enjoy him now more than ever. As much as I have loved being a full time mum, having him in pre school 3 mornings a week, and now me working 18 hours too, it's really helping. I think with kids familiarity, at times, does breed contempt, and having some space is a good thing. And I am going to enjoy having some more pennies to treat him with, so on free days we will be able to do more.

Here are some current photos.

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  1. Oh Kylie, he is soooo gorgeous :-)

    Great to hear you're enjoying working, but enjoying Joseph even more. xxxx