Wednesday 5 October 2011

My Biggest Peeve - Britmums Blog Prompt of the Week

I'm a fairly happy, positive person, and bubble along through life. Things do annoy me from time to time, but I tend to get over them pretty quickly.

However thinking about this week's prompt "My biggest peeve is ___________" got me thinking. What things really peeve me? What really gets my goat? What's one thing that I wish people would not do?

It's litter. I hate it. In Australia, from a young age, we are conditioned not to litter. Put your garbage in a bin. It's not difficult, they are everywhere. We regularly tidy up other people's litter too, we have a responsibility to our planet, to our native birds and animals, to keep things clean.

England never ceases to amaze me with its capacity to litter. I have lost count of the beaches and "beauty spots" I have visited that are overwhelmingly over run with rubbish.

I have to say, I partially lay the blame at councils. In our area we now have 4 bins in every garden. We are expected to have at least one small bin on our worktop in our kitchens. We will have two, one for cooked food and one for raw stuff that goes into the compost bin.

However, apart from the town centre, there is a distinct lack of bins. And the ones that are there are rarely emptied. Often, by the red dog poo bin on my regular walk to the supermarket, there are piles of bags full of poo. And as for the person who never bothers, and covers their, presumably dog, poo in leaves, well shame on you. Put it in a bag you moron.

I have seen young kids chuck rubbish in my garden, and then they have the gall to get upset when I tell them off. It's my garden! I have enough cleaning and tidying to do without having to sort through other peoples' detiritus. Don't do it!

So that's my peeve, rubbish, people not taking responsibilty for their own mess.

And our council's appalling double standard, littering my garden with bins, but failing to provide public ones.

Sort it.

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