Thursday 1 December 2011

Christmas is Coming......Bah humbug

I have a giant fit of the scrooges this year! We are travelling to Germany for Christmas so we're not decorating the house, my mother in law is cooking the cakes and puddings so no smells of dried fruit and spices are permeating the house. We're only buying for Joseph, and his presents are bought. Money is tight again this year, I've been clever with Tesco points and nearly new sales to try and maximise our funds.

I've been royally told off for getting song words wrong, by my increasingly stroppy 2 year old. It's not "twinkle twinkle little star" anymore, its "twinkle twinkle Christmas star". Can't believe nursery have changed to Christmas versions of everything already. Not even "5 little monkeys" is safe. Nope, its 5 little snowmen jumping on the sled. Just wrong. The decorations are up and Joseph is excited already. he just can't wait for "Farmer Christmas" to come, on his tractor maybe?

I dunno if its just ageing, but it all seems so.....crass. I'm not a card carrying Evangelical Christian, but where is Jesus in all this? It appears to me that he's disappeared in a see of cynical advertising, tinsel and pressure.

Our first Christmas I felt immense pressure. I was a new mum, I was still poorly with PTSD, I was over anxious about bugs, about Joseph being overhandled, it was all too much. My husband's family hadn't seen Joseph since he was little, all the extended family were there, it was just too much to bear, and all the "dressings" of Christmas were a welcome distraction. Last year we had a lovely, intimate Christmas with good friends, which was just lovely.

I am sure I will get into the spirit of it, and I think the top and bottom of it is, I am a bit homesick. We've been spoiled, every year since Joseph has been born I've been able to get home shortly after Christmas, and it won't happen for a long time now, unless something amazing happens.

Please, help me find soe Christmas spirit!


  1. Do you not think the PC brigade has dumbed down Christmas so much that it has lost its true meaning? You get offices where trees and Christmas decorations go up because "they may offend", councils won't put up decorations because "they may offend".....

    In multi-racial, multi-faith country we now are, surely it is OK to celebrate Christmas as we want, and not add it on to secular songs such as "Twinkle Twinkle...", also is it not good we sould celebrate other religious events as well?

    I am sure where you heard "Twinkle Twinke...." they did this because they HAVE to do, not because they WANT to do it - at least I hope so. People are too scared to stand up in what they believe in, for repercusion.

    I am a Christian. I go to Church every Sunday. I pray. It gets up my nose that MY religion has to be dumbed down because it MAY OFFEND someone who believes in another God, or even worse, no one. Does anyone elses?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion on wether there is a God or Darwin was right - who knows - but you know where I would place my bet.

    Let's all celebrate Christmas as we should by singing Christmas Carols etc, and not be such a miserable bunch of people!

  2. Thank you so much for your post. I agree, Christmas has been dumbed down, and people are scared to mention Jesus. All these ridiculous nativities etc.

    I'm not sure that the PC brigade are all that well informed and a lot of times nurseries and schools "think" they have to remove all religious elements, but I don't think that's true, I think its all an over reaction.

    I have worked as a carer for many years and Muslim clients of mine would always give me a card and usually a token gift, and the card would often have a nativity scene.

    I think we should respect all faiths, and get that respect back!

    Bring back Silent Night and get rid ot Twinkle Twinle Christmas Star!

  3. I agree with your response totally. I work with Muslins, Jews, Hinu's, Greek, Russian, German, American and Asian people (probably a few other nationalities as well), and I have had pressies of them all, although, the American did wish me a "Happy Holiday" - nearly lamped him.

    This county does weill at promoting other religions except its own (Christian).

    You are so right in saying that schools and nurseries do over-react, but I don't blame them. The guidelines are such a mess they are a total nightmare to read and understand. However, some do go too far.

    I am sure the nursery mentioned hear in the article would love to do a religious Christmas theme, but I can sure bet that some mother would complain and take them to the national newspapers.

    How long can this type of thing go on before the country really falls to the gound?

    I am glad that our chuch is florishing and has a good congregation, and yes we do have the full run of Christmas services including Midnight communion on Christmas Eve. We even have other religions coming to our services.

    As one Muslim said to me - we ALL worship the same God - just the name is different.

    (BTW, Bah Humbug is my nickname becase Christmas is not about Jesus: it is about Tesco's, Argos, TV and pubs.)