Tuesday 20 December 2011

Homesick at Christmas

I've lived in the UK for nine and a half years, about 3 x longer than I thought I would last, and this is my 9th Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. I never go home for Christmas. I actually really love Christmas here, and it all makes sense, the lights, the snow, the Christmas songs. I love the traditions, that although adopted in Australia, make much more sense here. How lovely to have all the Christmas lights when its dark by 4pm, to wrap up warm and have mince pies and mulled wine whilst doing your Christmas shopping. I have embraced Christmas here.

However, I miss my family. I miss them all year round, but never so more acutely than at Christmas. I miss my mum and my auntie cooking Christmas dinner. Huge spreads of cold meats, salad, and always two puddings, the obligatory Christmas pud, then something more fitting. An ice cream bombe, a gateaux, a fruit salad perhaps.

And I miss the weather. If I was a mega millionaire (with no care for the environment) I'd have a superfast jet, spend Christmas Day here, then get to Australia in time for Boxing Day!

This is the first year of Joseph's life that he won't get to Australia in the New Year, financially its just not possible, and I have decided I want to work towards spending Christmas in Australia in 2013, so this coming year I am going to save, and try to bring some extra money in towards this goal.

Tasmania has some lovely traditions. The Toy Run, where bikies ride from one end of the state to the other, collecting toys for children less well off. The Giving Tree in the ABC studios in Hobart, where local people buy gifts for people who may have nothing to open on Christmas day. The parades through Hobart and Launceston with floats and people all dressed up, and my favourite, Carols by Candlelight. I used to go to the one in City Park in Launceston every year.

New Year's Eve makes so much more sense in a warm climate, as much as Christmas is best celebrated in a cold one. Barbecues, going to Hobart and walking around Constitution Dock looking at all the yachts that have finished the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, watching the fireworks and seeing the New Year come in with people you love. Here, I never go out on New Year's Eve, preferring to have a few quiet ones at home in front of Jools Holland's Hootenanny!

I'm really hoping that I can pull this one off in 2013! Bring on the challenge!


  1. I really really don't like Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere - cold weather and massive overeating. In Australia it's outdoor parties and light food and SUNSHINE :D

  2. We hope you all make it in 2013. We haven't done hot pudding for quite a while. Masses of cheese though.

  3. I have the opposite, homesick for England! Although I do love Christmas in Australia, it's not the same and not Christmassy enough at all! I am very lucky to have all my family here for jemimas first Christmas.
    I would love a go on that super fast jet next year, pop back for christmas eve & day, then back to the sunshine after that.
    Oh, and one of my best christmas' ever was in tassie, just the 2 of us in a campervan, so good!
    Have a very merry Christmas

  4. Hope you can do it hun, will be fantastic to celebrate with your family out in Taz! Have fun this Christmas and see you next year - definitely need to have a brew and a catch up!x

  5. I was lucky enough to have several Christmases in the UK and I really enjoyed them. Christmas in Australia is really something though, and I also have hosted relatives from Germany here too. My aim is to have a European white Christmas sometime, hopefully with my German relatives, and a white Christmas in the Canadian Rockies. Let's hope our dreams come true!