Thursday 15 December 2011

Joseph - My Year in Review

I find it quite atrocious that my mother seems to forget that this blog really is all about me! So it's only fair I get to tell you about my year!

After Christmas mummy and I chilled out at home getting everything ready for The Big Trip. I don't remember much of January, except it was cold and we didn't get out much. There was all this white stuff on the ground, and mum didn't enjoy pushing the pram in it, and I still hadn't found my feet. Well I had, I knew where they were all along, there just seemed to be much better things to do with them than walk on them.

On Valentine's Day mummy and I gave daddy a fantastic gift, we left for six weeks. We went on a big plane (my finest moment was calling a Catholic priest Daddy, mummy went  very funny colour) and landed in Melbourne. Then we got on a smaller plane and went to Tasmania. I got to play with my Grandma and Grandad, and drive them mad. I tried to learn to walk, I could push Grandma's washing trolley, and even walked with Grandad's walking frame.

I spent some time with my Auntie Penni, and her lovely kids. I was a bit miffed to discover I was no longer the littlest and cutest, that title had been handed down to my little cousin Avery. I got to go to the zoo with my Auntie Laurel, and I ate lots of cake, and discovered watermelon! 

We arrived back in England in late March. I was very busy when I got back. I had to see the physiotherapist, who thought I was really funny. Although I was 22 months and not walking, she wasn't worried, she thought I was too clever. The first thing I did when I got to her room was jump on a tricycle and push myself around to look at all the cool toys. I also had the see the orthoptist, who looked at my eyes. I didn't want to play ball, until the end, when she got the cool stickers out, much more interesting than boring tests. The only one I like is the 3d test, because I pass it, and mummy fails it! Silly mummy!

Then after all that I had to see the orthotist (how silly that the eye person and the foot person nearly have the same title), and she thought I was very clever too, and didn't need fancy shoes, which somewhat miffed mummy as the special shoes are free! My feet grow very fast! Mummy goes a funny colour every time we go to the shoe shop. I don't think she realises money grows on trees!

Finally on Mother's Day I decided to do some steps for mummy, she cried alot. Which was very silly, and as I upset her so much, I decided not to do it again until 2 weeks before my birthday, and then after that I walked nearly all the time! Mummy stopped crying then. We had to go and see my consultant in June, and she decided not to see me anymore, which is good, because I hate going back to the beepy rooms (neonatal unit)

We had a lovely summer holiday in August in Great Yarmouth, with my other Grandma and Grandad, and my three other cousins. I was very cheeky and nicknamed my older cousin Charlie. I called him Lola, everyone found it very funny.

In September mummy got rid of me for a couple of days a week. She took me to this huge room full of strange children and stranger adults and just left me. I hated it at first, and took my mucky every day. I used to cry and clutch to my mummy saying "don't go don't go". Mummy never listened and kept leaving me. She said it was called pre-school and it was to help my development. Hurrumph.

Then she confused me, by putting daddy, me and herself into another plane at the end of September and taking me to place called Rhodes. I loved it there, it had sunshine, and never rained. I ate lots of nice food, played in the pool and got lots of attention.

Then we came back, and mum kept putting me in that horrible building, but after a while, I started to like it, and now I love going to preschool.

We've been to London a couple of times this year, which has been very exciting. I learnt to sleep in a big boy bed whilst staying in a funny hotel in London with mummy. We got to go to a huge building, mummy said it was called Parliament. They had lovely green chairs, but it turns out you are not allowed to colour them in with pen. Mummy cleaned it quickly with a baby wipe, much to the amusement of our local MP, is there nothing those things can't do (baby wipes not politicians, I haven't worked out quite what they do yet)

It has been a very busy year, mummy says the best thing about this year is my talking, that I have got better and better, and am very very very very very clever! 

I am looking forward to Farmer Christmas coming in his very special tractor, that daddy is taking to the car wash. I love going to the car wash, its very exciting. And we are going to a place called Germany for Christmas, and that should be fun. I haven't been there since I was little.

And now I am big!

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  1. Awwww...happy christmas, Joseph! 'Farmer Christmas'...Ben called him that for years. I'd forgotten that! x