Tuesday 6 December 2011

My Best Posts

This week the Britmums blog prompt is What Are Your Best Posts This Year?

I have to say, blog wise, I've had a stonking year. Although in blog world I may not get the views and publicity that others get, in my own little way I've made a big impact in ways that matter this year. I have beautifully loyal readers who comment, and support me in many ways.

Here are my top 5 posts.

Being Mum to a Premature Baby - This post was written hastily one afternoon, after reading a few things on Facebook. I paused for a minute about how things are different for us that have had early babies and been with them on NICU. This post has received more shares, and feedback than any of my others, and I'm really proud of it.

Raising an Only Child - I've really struggled this year with the decision not to have any more children. This decision was made very early on, when Joseph was still in hospital, with my husband having a vasectomy when Joseph was six months old. Absolutely the right decision for us, but one that I had never had time to come to terms with. This post is regularly found by people searching on Google, and I am so pleased that I've written about this, and hopefully, helped others.

Reasons not to Have Another Baby - It never ceases to amaze me that my miserable posts get the most interaction! This post was another one during my struggles, and was very well received, and I know it helped others too. I am really pleased that I have taken the step to blog about the harder side of my life this year, and I know its helped me. Sometimes I come across as so happy and positive, which I am, but sometimes to my own detriment. Sometimes I need to reach out and ask for help.

From RAGS to Riches - Following some of the other posts where I was struggling, I decided to go and see the GP to ask for counselling, she was awful, and I came home feeling so angry, and resentful. I have since discovered that she wrote on her notes "has asked for counselling, lists too full, will review in three weeks". And she never ever did. So the referral wasn't made. Fortunately I have all of you to look after me and be my therapist!

Having a Premature Baby - It's Not All Bad - This was  a lighthearted post with a lot of contributors, it's one that is still read often, and shared, unfortunately all the feedback and shares were on my personal facebook page not on here!

I hope you've enjoyed this recap, I look forward to doing a further round up of a year at Not Even A Bag of Sugar later in the month.

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  1. A lovely collection of posts and I especially like you last one. It must have been hard to see the positives at times but you've made it light hearted.