Wednesday 11 January 2012

The Madness of Children's Television

This week, and we're not through it yet, has been really interesting in the world of children's television. The first one was a "typical" Daily Mail article about Peppa Pig, entitled, is Peppa Pig making our children naughty?

I couldn't really believe it, even for the Mail it was fairly ridiculous and looked like it had been thrown together by someone cruising parenting forums looking for a "filler" story. It just is hysterically bad, and made me laugh.

One father spoke of his despair at how his four-year-old son had taken to splashing in what he gleefully called ‘muddy puddles’ on his way to school – copying Peppa’s favourite pastime.
Of course, no child has every splashed in a muddy puddle have they? Oh the horrors and evils of children's television. I personally love Peppa Pig. A lot of the shows feature grandparents, and with both sets absent from Joseph's everyday life, I truly believe Peppa has helped him understand grandparents and their role. One of my favourite episodes is about compost. I think Peppa is a wonderful programme, but I don't mind if you don't share that opinion, but don't let your kids watch it! Easy fixed!

The other big thing was Waybuloo. Waybuloo has been a constant for Joseph, it is not without controversy, however. Waybuloo features yoga, and has some principles that may be considered New Age, and some Christians are very much against it. Personally I love Waybuloo, as its relaxing and calming. It's a staple of the bed time hour. Last night I was cooking when I heard a strange voiceover on it. Cbeebies announced that they had made changes, cut 10 minutes off it, and put Dave Lamb as a narrator over the top of the track (he of Come Dine With Me fame)

I was quite alarmed, it changed the whole nature of the show, and made it sound ridiculous. I almost expected deeply sarcastic comments about the state of the bungle berry juice.

I even tweeted about it. And I wasn't alone, tweet upon tweet, in the most part up in arms about it. Today Cbeebies announced that they were reverting the bedtime hour and Waybuloo to its original state.

I am so pleased that they listened to reason and changed back again. Children are creatures of habit, they don't like sudden abrupt change.

And neither, it would appear, do their parents.


  1. Very good post - I enjoyed reading it and agree with what you said.
    What I like about both Peppa Pig and Waybuloo is that they are about having fun and enjoying life. I don't mind my son being inspired to jump in muddy puddles or doing a bit of 'yogo' as a result of watching them. (Though we do insist on wellies for puddles!)

  2. Haha, this is both funny and dreadful at the same time. I'm pretty sure muddy puddles were invented a long time before Peppa Pig! Does Rastamouse encourage gang culture too perhaps? I am always impressed with most childrens tv as I think it goes out of its way to tell the difference between good/bad, jokes/naughtiness and they always have lovely manners and say please and thank you (or oink oink). The good always wins and they are very inclusive. The only problems I can arising is either letting your child watch things way above their level or watching so much they miss out of real life experiences.

  3. I love Joseph playing in muddy puddles, and trying yogo too. I think some people just need to get a grip! I am glad they have changed Waybuloo back!

  4. I think especially in this country children's tv is invaluable, it's not always fine enough to go outside, and there's only so much play dough and reading you can do. There's been quite a bit of Rastamouse hoo ha too, about them speaking Patois. Sigh. Thank you (and Ruth) for commenting, it was a fun post to write