Saturday 28 January 2012

The Pink C

joseph in tas 147 by kykaree
My mother in 2010 before diagnosis

“I’ve been recalled following my routine mammogram” she said. “Fuck”. I thought.  “Right”, I said.
And so she went, on the other side of the world, for tests. “I’m sorry” he said. “We’ll operate”.
So it was removed. The lump.
“I’m sorry”, he said. “It’s worse than we thought”.
She went to the oncologist. She had the chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy. My mum.
She lost her hair. She got a wig. She kept positive. I was scared. My mum.
She asked her radiotherapy oncologist “How do I know if its gone?”
“When you die of old age” he said.

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  1. I hope she is doing well! It's a frightening time

  2. Thanks for joining in with your words. The F word is very justified where cancer is concerned. Thank you again. from Kate On Thin Ice

  3. I hope you're mum is ok. A well written post.

  4. Thank you for reading, yes she has the all clear for now, still having regular monitoring

  5. It was terrifying, I must do a more comprehensive post, but we have no history of it in our family so it was a total shock

  6. Thank you, I just wrote it straight from the heart and thought "no I have to leave it in".

  7. Scary stuff. I hope it ends well for you. My mum went with a bang. Hard to deal with the loss so suddenly

  8. Thank you, I am so sorry for the loss of your mum. We were very lucky with the timing of mum's routine mammogram, she had the type that can go metastatic very easily. I am so grateful for the care that she received.

  9. Such a powerful post. Such wonderful words. best wishes for her future