Friday 17 February 2012

Circle of Moms - Don't Just Vote for Me!

Circle of Moms is an application that runs alongside Facebook and is something I used a lot when Joseph was small. I discovered that they have a bloggers network, which I have now joined.

Circle of Moms run regular contests, where people vote for their favourite blogs in certain categories. I have been nominated in "Moms with inspiring families".

You can vote every day, but you can also vote for as many blogs as you like. There is only an advantage in coming in the top 25, no prizes for 1st place, so I would urge you, if you are voting, to vote for the blogs that speak to you.

I have been in tears, some of the stories are just so sad, and there are blogs just as, or more, deserving than me in the top 25 and I've been voting for loads!

One of my friends, Jennie, has also been nominated for her lovely blog Edspire. Another lovely blog is Sleepless Nights, written by a Tasmanian mummy blogger.

If you blog, keep an eye out for categories on Circle of Moms that you can enter. The incentive is that the top 25 blogs are interviewed and the quotes used on the website, and may increase your readership.

I think the loveliest thing about these sort of awards is reading more blogs and meeting other bloggers. I am surprised that there aren't more premature parenting blogs on the list, so come on and join in!

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