Monday 5 March 2012

Weaning Your Premature Baby

I've been meaning to do some posts on weaning for ages, so this week, I have decided, is weaning week. If you have any questions post them on the facebook page or here and we (me and the other mums) will help where we can. There is so much experience here to draw from!

I wanted to share this video as this was in our early weeks of weaning. Tomorrow I will talk more about what we did and our experiences and I really want to get across that weaning can be fun. I also felt it was at this point I was growing in confidence as a mum and really getting to know Joseph as a person.

So to start off with if you are going to be weaning soon, and for premature babies that is between 5 to 8 months from their actual date of birth, not corrected age, the Bliss booklet is invaluable, and free. 

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  1. I agree, a great booklet , when smidge was discharged a neonatal dietician gave me one,really really informative!