Thursday 19 April 2012

The Beauty of Glass - Eco Week at Not Even a Bag of Sugar

I recently became an ambassador for Friends of Glass, a non profit organisation that exist to promote glass packaging and recycling.

I found out about Friends of Glass on Twitter and when I was asked to be an ambassador I was a bit bemused. I am not a manufacturer, or even a retailer, I'm just a mummy blogger. But then, it clicked, I am a passionate consumer of glass.

Meet our coffee jar.

This jar is 3 years old. We buy refills from the supermarket (and send the packaging back to be recycled) and reuse the same jar over and over. Glass is recyclable of course, but the best way to reduce our carbon footprint is to reuse something again and again until it is recycled.

The ultimate in reusing is milk bottles. Weve been getting milk in bottles for two years now. It's so convenient, and I think milk in glass tastes better, and keeps cooler. Its so easy we leave them out the front, they get collected and new milk in its place. I'd love to know how old some of these bottles are.

In this increasingly plastic world, glass is under threat. But it's so important that we as consumers continue to choose glass, so many products are infinitely better in glass, like jam and of course wine. Plastic has its place, but so does glass.

The Friends of Glass website is really interesting, with some great information about the history of glass, and even recipes, for jams and desserts.

If your passionate about glass join Friends of Glass and help keep glass in our supermarkets.


  1. You've reminded me that I've been meaning to look into the milkman situation around here. I agree, it's much better in glass.

  2. I try and keep all the jam jars that are empty to use at Christmas when I make chilli jam but hubbie keeps finding them and moaning about them, apparently I'm hoarding jars, but I've just joined up and I think if I make the lemon curd recipe I've just read on there I think he might think twice about complaining! Ta for that xXx

  3. I thinks its fab that you have kept the same jar for 3 years .. more companies should encourage this type of thing.