Sunday 27 May 2012

It is Done - Bupa 10k for Tommy's

What day. After weeks of rain and cloudy weather, London turned it on today. It was flamin hot I can tell you! Last night I had a major attack of the collywobbles, and turned to Facebook.

I posted this

Feeling a bit emotional and nervous about tomorrow. Need focus. I'm doing this for everyone on my friends list who had had a miscarriage, stillbirth our premature baby. Like this status if that's you.
 Nearly 100 people "liked" that status. And to be honest that's is what got me through. So a massive thank you to everyone who "liked" and commented.

My asthma over the last few months really affected my training, and then my knee injury 2 weeks ago, I was close to pulling out. But that response gave me all the motivattion I needed.

My running buddy Jennifer was an absolute star she kept me sane, and focused. And importantly supplied Percy Pigs at every 1 kilometre mark.

By 8 k I'd had enough and was ready to quit, but Jen kept me going, and got our her iPod and played "mmmmm bop" that song is forever etched in my brain! I was crying at the finish line, I just couldn't believe I did it, and in the last 2 k when it was hard I kept thinking "this doesn't compare to how hard it is to lose baby, get a grip".

PlacePlace AGPlace in genderNumberNameAge Group5k TimeFinish Time
10509 3281 5073 15572 Kylie Hodges Women 18 - 39 00:56:37 01:53:51

So this was my time and place. Unfortunately it would appear that I haven't made selection for the Olympics this time.  I have to say I am utterly thrilled I did it under 2 hours, with the poorly knee, seeing as this time last week I couldn't walk 1 kilometre let alone 10! For the record, Mo Farrar, the winner managed it in 29 minutes and 21 seconds! You have to laugh. However the Guardian goes on to say that the time wasn't anything to write home about, so even Olympians were doing it tough in 28 degrees.

I'm really proud to announce I've raised £635 for Tommy's and you can still make a donation on my Virgin Money Giving page.

A massive thank you to Tommy's for giving me this opportunity, and to the Landmark Hotel who gave Tommy's a weekend room, which they kindly gave to us. It's been a fantastic weekend.

And next time I want to raise money, I'm baking cakes!


  1. Well done :D I bet you feel good, in a tired and achey sort of way x

  2. Well done :D I bet you feel good, in a tired and achey sort of way x

  3. Well done! Such an achievement! X

  4. So so proud of you mate. Well done :) xxx

  5. Massive congatulations on a most superb achievement. Wonderful stuff.

  6. I said I would never run the Marathon again after I finished, but a few years later and the bug has bitten me again... bet you do end up racing again hehe. WELL DONE!

  7. OMG I was there too - running for Daisy's Hospice! We should have met up for a celebratory Pimm's after! - I'm a masochistic fool though - I'm running 7 races this year to raise funds for the hospice - that was race #3, I've got another one in July - but the heat nearly killed me on Sunday! I think next year I will join you in cake baking! x


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