Thursday 24 May 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 21

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

 I don't join in the lovely Michelle's Reasons to be Cheerful nearly often enough. I think its because I am genuinely jolly and don't really need to be reminding of what to be grateful for. But, as you will know I am going through a bit of a tough time with my PTSD flaring up a bit so now is a good time just to reflect on what to be thankful for this wee.

1. Blue Sky - Well it's been a while but that was the view looking up from my garden the other day. Beautiful clear blue sky. The weather really lifts the mood I think! I can tell I'm getting old, the first thing I do when the sun is shining is plan my next bit of work on the garden, not go to the swimming pool!

2. My cheeky boy It was so sunny when taking photos in the garden I couldn't see the screen, so until I came back inside I had no idea he was being so cheeky! If I ever needed a reminder that this isn't a poorly little boy in a box, this is it!

3. Britmums This was the first blogging network I ever joined, way back when I had no idea what I was doing. I find them so supportive, I've recently been blogger of the week, been mentioned in several round ups, and I am now a finalist for a Brilliance in Blogging award, which I am chuffed to bits about. 

4. Work My employers have been working hard to find me some hours since my last service user passed away. I have been working again this week, which I love and find really rewarding. And having pennies certainly helps too.

5. My mum It's my birthday coming up and my mum has treated me to an early birthday  present of lovely plants for my garden. I am hoping by the end of summer they will have taken root and I can show you a display of colour.

6. My online community I love our blogging community, and my other on line friends and they have been a great source of support this week. Especially the lovely K at Mummy Pinkwellies.

7. My garden Until recently the back garden has just been lawn, but we have had access to a little bit of money and decided to invest in some plants and a bench. We've only had to do a bit of work, but its paid off!

I used up some old tiles that I had lying around, sadly not enough to do the six flags, but it still looks lovely I think. I've finally done something with the rocks, given to us by a friend. I am in the process of planting some climbers to cover up the fence panels.

So there are my reasons to be cheerful I am sure there are loads more!

If you have some reasons, join the linky!


  1. Loads of good reasons there! I love the cheeky face on your son especially but also huge well done on becoming a finalist for the award :)

  2. Love the creative bit with the tiles and this is a lovely post. Glad you find it easy to be jolly most of the time too. Agree so much about BritMums too. Genuinely lovely folks who reach out to one and all

  3. Congrats on being a finalis for the Brilliance in Blogging award. BritMums was the first network I joined as well and as you say, I've found everyone to be helpful and supportive :0)

    Gotta say your garden looks amazing! Just looking a the pic makes me feel chilled :0)

    I'm a new follower.

  4. Cakesphotoslife (Angie)24 May 2012 at 23:28

    All fab reasons, this linky always makes me smile xxx

  5. I think they are very good reasons to be cheerful xx

  6. Lovely to have you join in, your garden is looking lovely indeed. Mich x

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