Friday 1 June 2012

Syria #tippingpoint

What am I? I am a mother. I am a blogger. I am a care worker. I live a nice little life in a western country. I can go to bed at night, pretty sure that I am safe. I have enough food to feed my family, enough money to cloth my child. I am not a politician, a human rights lawyer, an international aid worker.

What do I have? A tiny corner of cyberspace where I blog about my son, about pregnancy, about babies, help out the odd company, blog for charity, cry, work out my feelings etc.

You know what else I have? A community of caring bloggers who want to make a difference. Britmums have brought to my attention that today is a call to action for Syria.

photo by Jungle_Boy on Flickr
I feel so sad about Syria. It seems to have just been brushed under the carpet but a couple of months ago a neonatal unit was shelled and innocent babies, who already had the fight of their lives on their tiny hands, died, in their incubators. This killing has to stop. Someone needs to make this stop.

If you want to learn more there is a video here from one of the survivors of last week's massacre in Houla, it's incredibly sad.

I know that I blog a lot about charity, and sometimes I worry that you might all start getting charity fatigue, or bogged down by sad stories. And there is a lot of sadness in the world, alongside immense joy too.

But this is too important to ignore. 49 innocent children killed in Houla, in their beds, living their lives, not out protesting or causing trouble. And what is so upsetting is that aid agencies cannot get in to where they are needed to help the survivors. And what is certain, is that if you are a child living in Syria, you are not safe. We need to make these children safe.

I'm not asking for your money, I am asking for your voice.  A simple thing you can do is sign the Save The Children petition.

If you blog, I'm asking you to add your voice. If you tweet, then use the hashtags #tippingpoint #syria #stopthekilling

I'm just a mum. But I have a voice. And I want you to listen, and I want you to act. 


  1. It's hard to write these posts and hard to read them. Thanks for doing both. x

  2. How tragic. I signed the petition x