Tuesday 31 July 2012

Round Up and Moving Forwards

Doing what I do best - talking at the Total event
It's been a busy month on my blog, and in real life too. I'd like to thank my lovely guest posters for sharing their stories, and all of you who read, comment and share on your social networks. Thank you again for all your support and kind words.

August will be another busy month, I have quite a few exciting products to tell you about, a little giveaway and a few more exciting things so watch this space.

One thing I really want to do this month is a multiples week. Clearly I had a singleton, but many of you in my community have had multiples and I'd love you to tell your story. I am looking for stories on all sorts of aspects of life with multiples.
  • Managing a NICU stay with more than one baby
  • Life with multiples after a singleton
  • Life with a singleton after multiples
  • Fun activities to do with your multiples
  • A day in the life of a multiple mum
  • A multiple pregnancy journey, what its like being pregnant with more than one
  • Essential items to make life easier with multiples
  • How to choose a multiple buggy
If you would like to help please email me at notevenabagofsugar@gmail.com and I'll tell you more. Just a word about word limit, I like articles to be between 500 and 750 words please!

I'd love to hear ideas about other things you would like me to cover, or if any of you would like to submit a post. Books your kids love, places to go, anything! Whilst the primary focus of Not Even A Bag of Sugar is about premature babies and pregnancy, our babies grow up! I really want to explore the parenting side more, and would love your input!

I am also planning something big to help people in my area with travel and other costs of having a baby in special care, so any ideas are welcome. I am not sure what form this will take, and am looking into links with existing charities and organisations in my area, and looking at need. I will need help, so if anyone has experience of this sort of thing, please let me know!

I am also going to continue the series Just One Thing, with my crowdsourced articles, if there is a topic you would like covered please let me know and I'll ask my team of oracles!

Thank you again for all of your kind support!



  1. Looking forward to hearing about the 'something big!' :D

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