Saturday 11 August 2012

£30 TKMaxx Challenge - Dressing Joseph

It's no suprise to readers of my blog that I am a huge fan of TKMaxx, so when Britmums asked bloggers to take part in a £30 challenge, I was very excited. The challenge was to create 3 fun looks for £30.


Here's what we bought

* A pair of incredibly cool jeans
* A snuggly zipped hoodie complete with "London" motif, very apt
* A long sleeved top with "The Rewards are Well Worth The Effort" print
* A beautiful v necked green t-shirt with a summery ferris wheel print
* Grey t-shirt with incredibly on trend campervan print

I started with the jeans and made these the base for all three looks.

A late summer walk

 Up here in the North West, you always need to layer up, and I thought this jacket was ideal. And when it gets too hot, you can toss it!


Football with the Lads


This top was the first thing to fly into my hand when I walked into the store. I really loved the colour, the cut, and the slogan is just awesome. I wish I could convey just how soft the fabric is, it feels so comfortable on the skin, I want one for me!


Baking with Mummy

We are not apron/pinny people, so for baking I went for short sleeved, bright coloured, easy wash! The bowl just so happens to be from an earlier trip to TKMaxx!


The Experience

We went to our local store on a Thursday morning. Joseph had great fun playing with the toys whilst his personal stylist (ie me) perused the rails. There were plenty of staff around to help, and everything, as you can see, was well organised and laid out. I do love our local store so much, it had a big refit several years ago now, and is just a joy to visit.


Joseph did come and check on me from time to time and he found the awesome jeans!

So much did we spend? £29.98! Am I good or what? You have to agree that is remarkable value for 3 tops, jeans and a hoodie, and I estimate (the original prices weren't on our garments) that I must have saved at least £70.

The range in store was really great, and the girl range was really lovely too. I'd highly recommend TKMaxx if you are looking for an outfit for a small person.



  1. Looks well organised.I have been once to tk maxx a few years ago and left quickly as looked like a jumble sale!
    Joseph is getting very big and looks very grown up
    Sam x