Tuesday 23 March 2010

20 years ago.....

Joseph and I have something in common. Well lots of things in common, a love of singing, a wacky sense of humour and a tendency to hoard toys, but also we have one of those faces. You know the ones, open, welcoming, smiley, so people think they can say anything to you.

We were on the bus yesterday on the way to baby group and we were chatting to a nice little old lady we have seen a few times. She (like many others) is a paid up member to Joseph's fan club! She was talking to one of the crusty old men (now for those not familiar with Lancashire, these crusty old men abound, and are lovely, but do not hold back).

She was telling him about Joseph being born at 27 weeks and 1lb 7oz, and he looked at him and me and said "twenty years ago he would have died". Helpful? Hmmmmmmm

To be fair, twenty years ago we both would have been dead. I probably wouldn't have been diagnosed so early, and my liver and kidneys would probably have carked it, and we would have died in short order.

But that has to be one of the top ten things not to say to a parent of a premature baby.

For those who have had premature babies, or any baby, what are your top most unhelpful comments?


  1. I find people blame alexs prematurity on mine :( grrrr.

  2. My "favourite" doctor told me at the height of Llewellyn's reflux agony that I needed to hold him upright for at least 2 hours following every feed. When I said "But he feeds three hourly day and night. When will I get any sleep?" he replied "That's something you will have to deal with."